Jul 9, 2013

Go On, Take the Money and Run

So a month ago...or there abouts, I last posted one of my "The Buck Stops Here" a.k.a. Money posts.  I also stated then that I would be showing you pictures of my house...because it's been over a year...well....you are going to have to wait a little longer.  I have a bunch of the pictures taken but haven't organized them for posting yet and also we just painted our master bedroom!  Shucks, you missed out on seeing our lilac master! ;)  Also...I picked up a gallon of bubble gum pink paint for $9.00!!!!  Paint and primer in one even!  Sooo, I may repaint the girls' room...but I will get some pics up one of these months days!  Not that, really - it's all that exciting but I adore seeing inside other people's houses...it's a problem...I should really go into real estate....then again...maybe not...so I'll have some pics soon, okay!?!

Anyways back to my post last month.  Well - that was interesting wasn't it!?!  I've had some 74 hits to date on that post - that's a fair amount for my little blog here...not sure the why of it - but that's the story.

I think some people thought we had lost it, thought we had thrown in the towel or figured we were just out to lunch - and for some people it really resonated with them, encouraged them and gave them a new perspective.  You see, the point of that post was not to say, "Hey, don't give a second thought to money! Spend as you please and God will take care of you." No, that wasn't it at all. 

The point...for I feel it might not have been all that clear in some regards - was that God will carry you through, anything, when you put your trust in Him.  But there are better ways to use what He gives, better ways to serve Him and better ways to handle the blessings and trials in your life - better ways then doing it your own way!

What the point of my Dollars and Dependency post was that in our lives, to date - we have had to fully trust God in this area.  Nothing of what we have is of our own doing and how I wish that message would translate into other areas of my life.  As I wish that I would take more responsibility of the financial area of our life.  See both need a little of the other.  I need to put more trust in Him in other areas and take more responsibility in our financial area.

So that all being said - Hubby and I have done some thinking, praying, re-evaluating and communicating and have come to a few conclusions for our life.

The most pertinent to all of you here, is that we have made a switch in regards to the one who takes majority of the responsibility for our financial issues.  My hubby, Dave, has prayerfully decided to take that responsibility off of my shoulders and will be managing our cash flow. 

I'm nervous...I'm scared...but mostly I'm relieved!

Neither of us is very good at handling money but for many reasons, this has always fallen on my shoulders.  But now Dave will take the co-pilot seat (because we don't want to remove God as our pilot! Amen?) and I'll just serve him drinks and those little baggies of peanuts! ;) 

So yes, don't think that I'm stepping aside and leaving it all up to him.  No, we are going to work on this together - for starters I have to help him even have a clue of what is where and other little things that he has never had to be concerned about.  We will be doing it together but I will (try) to leave it up to him to lead us in the area! 

And oh - I can see God is working on my dear hubby already - oh it's going to be an interesting and challenging transition and learning period!  Like the fact that he just got paid and we...kinda....sorta...forgot that he had only been working three days a week for the past few weeks and so with that not in mind - we might have gone shopping this past weekend...then taken the girls to their first theatre movie and then when we went to take a look at our bottom line in our bank account so we could purchase a nice new coffee maker...because ours spontaneously combusted - I. KID. YOU. NOT! and realized that the $60 maker....was not going to happen! 

Hello $20 Walmart coffee maker.

Won't that be a great daily reminder!

So yes, we are still on the road to learning to live with Godly principles when it comes to money.  We have lots of good biblical attitudes when it comes to money but the area of self control is really where we struggle.  We still want to trust God with our finances and how to manage them but we are slowly (apparently very slowly) learning the importance of having self control and being wise with this area.

So again - I covet any prayers in regards to this area!  I am excited and nervous for where this will all lead but I know God is leading us along and it's going to be an adventure, that's for sure!  And our biggest motivation?

These three little people!

We want to be able to pass on to them Godly ways of living - loving hearts, wisdom, self control - we want to be able to teach them what to do, instead of just what not to do!

So the journey continues - I'm always open to advice, tips, encouragement and even your own stories of learning to live righteously through Him.  And I'll continue to be open and honest in hopes of helping and encouraging others!

Well that's all for today - I'll keep posting and letting you all know how things are going - it should be interesting!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    I Just want to reach right through the computer screen and all its mess and wires and give you (and Dave!) a big ole fashioned hug.

    YEAHHHH for Dave taking this on. Yeahhh, for you allowing him to shoulder this (primarily)...and wow...hey, I'll even sew you an apron for the passing out of drinks and peanuts, if you need me too.

    You are hilarious.

    I loved this post. I commend you and want to be all the encouragement I can possibly be. ;)

  2. I love that photo of the kids looking all adorable and spiffy! Such cute dresses on the gals, where did you find those?

    Money can be such a complicated/worrisome but huge part of our lives, eh?? Right now, between the house we're moving in to in August, me getting my driver's license this week (fingers crossed!) figuring out how to heck to commute into Ottawa after we move, and certain other expenses that are likely to start "popping up" in a couple of months, I have NO idea how I'm going to make my tiny dollars stretch to cover everything, LOL! Time to start remembering all of my "broke college student" budgeting skills to help me out I think ;-D

  3. You serve the owner of the cattle on a thousand hills. As long as we are faithful, we can trust Him for what is best for us. He is ever faithful! Love you and your lovely family and praying for you with everything I have in me. Keep persevering!


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