Jul 17, 2013

It's HOT, So Hot, I Have No Coherent Thought!

Well, dear friends...I want to write something clever, I want to write something witty or enlightening...I'd love to give you encouragement or something to chew on - I'd even love to give you a laugh....but my brain; is mush!

Hot, sweat, slowly melting, mush!

The days are spent in slow, indoor, by the A/C unit, motion.  It's terribly hot here - I've had to finally break down and start watering my garden - I guess God was tired of doing it for me! ;)  Oh and I was awfully bummed when I discovered that racoons had eaten some of our corn! B.U.M.M.E.D!

My dreams of fresh corn on the cob, sweet and salty in gooey melted butter, dappled in crystals of salt, *drool*....so yes...apparently I thought about it greatly....so very bummed!  All is not loss yet but I worry they will be back and before the cobs ripen there will be nary a one left for us.....*sniff*

On a happier note - my eldest little is SIX!!!



We have a six year old....???

I posted this little image on Facebook:

*sniff* *sniff*

She's grown so fast!!  I've heard it said before and it rings ever true - it's not the age of your child that is shocking, it's the fact that you are a parent to that age of child!  For example, I'm not overly shocked that Olivia is six, I'm just shocked that WE have a six year old!!

So today we will celebrate our first blessing - the child that defied doctors words and has continued to do so!  Hubby has to work but we will spend the day doing various activities that she will pick, we will watch videos of her as a baby, if it's not too hot, they will be outdoors for sure and if it is, we will craft and play games by the A/C, there will be her Birthday dinner at home tonight - her request; steak and noodle salad, it will be followed by cake and presents.  One of her three loving grandmothers will stop in to wish her a happy birthday and celebrate with us and we will see the rest later on.  We will do lunch out this weekend at her new favourite, the Chinese Buffet in town and then on to the beach for swimming, sun and a picnic supper.  Sweet, simple celebrations for a simply sweet little lady!

Olivia is a sweet soul - that's for sure!  She's grown immensely this past year!  Physically, emotionally and even spiritually!  I believe this little gal has a heart for God - and I'm sure if you met her, you'd see it too!  She is joy in it's purest form!  She adores people - all people!  I don't know if I can give justice to describe how she physically exudes joy when she sees and meets people - she jumps, she claps and she just beams - it's slightly contagious!  She loves deeply and has a sweet sensitive side.  Oh she's not perfect - obviously - as of late she can be rather bold and even sassy on occasion.  She's confident and not afraid to give her opinion!  But she has such joy, love, caring and great biblical understanding!  She amazes me often with her understanding of the Word and it's teachings!  She's a blessing through and through and where I thought I couldn't possibly love her any more - each day I'm surprised to find I do!

So it appears I did manage to formulate some coherentness - mostly because I've wrote this while the day is still cool, there is a much enjoyed breeze blowing through the house and the sun has not yet warmed the air.  So I leave you now, on this good note of something tangible to read and I say, enjoy the day - take real joy in it - just like a six year old!


  1. This is so sweet! You captured Olivia well, especially how she is when she sees and meets people, I love it! She certainly is a joy to know :)

    Hope it cools off soon...and those racoons better not come back! Maybe Dave will have to sit out with his gun to scare them off, hehe.

  2. I hope - really, really hope - we get to meet this little gal of yours in person, one day.

    Again. Happy Birthday sweet girl (I already shared wishes over on FB) - May your Birthday be as beautiful as you are!!


    About those coons...

    Have you ever read (or watched the movie!) Where The Red Fern Grows?

    The suggestion I would have (*movie related*) ... is git yerself some good ole hunting dogs...and then sleep out in the cornfield with them at night and wait for them big ole coons and pop off a few rounds of ammo if the dogs don't take care of it first...

  3. I remember coons. We lost our corn in our Mallorytown garden to them once and Dave and Jon slept in the yard to try to scare them off. The coons ate all our strawberries too. Bad coons. They didn't even bother with the butter and salt!

    We love that precious girl of yours. Something I love about her is that she always looks you in the eye when you speak to her and you can tell she is listening with her whole being. She is really aware of people's body language as well as their voices. I think that is a gift God has given her. Hard to believe she is six.

  4. Happy Birthday Olivia! She is so pretty! Enjoy everyday with your children, because the grow up so fast. Mine are now 30 and 32 years old.!!! Whoa, I must be getting old...!!

    It has been so hot and humid here in Indiana also this summer. Makes me wish there was a beach close. Now to get brave enough to put back on that bathing suit I haven't had on for a few years. Isn't that awful. I love the water and lived in it growing up as a child.

    Kaitlin, I hope you are enjoying your summer.
    Lee Ann

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Olivia!!! Hope your day was BLESSED!
    Love all the pics and the new header....great shots!!!
    Take care and stay cool!


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