Jul 31, 2013

Warm Up the Camera

Well people - I was scouring the net again...a.k.a. Pinterest...when I found inspiration for another photo challenge! 
I tweaked it just a tad and came up with this, ready??

Fun eh!?!

And I have that linky thing now, from my 1000 Words posts, so this time around you can actually link up yourselves, with pictures and everything - oh joy!

A few notes on the whole thing - if you have more then one kid feel free to take multiple photos, or just pick your favourite one for the day, or you could include all of your kids in one shot - it's completely up to you!  For those that don't have their own children to photograph, please, feel free to use others! ;)  Maybe you have nieces or nephews, or kids your help out with, babysit, what have you - it doesn't have to be the same kid each day - full creativity here people!  And for those with only one child - day 9 says, sibling but you can use a relative, like a cousin or someone like that- again, be creative!

The idea is not just about a wonderful way to capture your kids but also to continue to push you outside your comfort zone, familiarize yourself with your camera more and get behind the lens a little each day!

I thought August would be a great month to have a go at this.  The weather is usually pretty good, the kids aren't in school, or swamped with activities and they are usually around...and under foot!  So what better time to make them the subject of 31 days of photos!

Should be fun and I really look forward to what all of you come up with - that's right ALL of you!! ;)  If 31 days seems overwhelming then try what you can - but if you really want to learn and grow in your photography skill then I strongly encourage you to give it a try for each day!!  I'm not looking for perfection - just enthusiasm! ;) :D

And speaking of enthusiasm I'm kick starting this all off today with this photo:

Because there would be no challenge if it wasn't for us!


So grab those cameras, gather up the chillns' and lets have some fun!!



  1. This looks really fun!! A great way to catch some moments on camera that you otherwise wouldn't. Okay, I am in, but I will say as a disclaimer, I will try to participate each day but if for some reason I miss a day (computer acting up, busyness...)I won't beat myself up over it! Am I still welcome to join? :)

    1. Yes, if you miss a day you can still partake, I guess... ;) - that's why I put that bit in there - it's about enthusiasm and just growing and learning as a photographer AND to capture some great moments of our littles! I think it's good to try to get it in each day but life happens! ;)

  2. Me too! I want to join and I will try to do all of the challenges but I may not have internet sometime in August so I will stay take the photos and try to get them posted somewhere! Steph's maybe.

  3. I know my littles aren't little but hey, still fun.

  4. YAY! !!! This is super. I was looking at the last challenge and realized that it was not that interesting as far as album worthiness so count me in... I will print it out this time so it's in sight and therefor in mind....to not miss days....yay kid funness! Thanks for finding this and count me in!

  5. Love this idea! I might have to take pictures daily, and try to post a weekly review. I'm going to give it a go. Which means I'll fail. HAHA, maybe I should use reverse psychology and say that there's no way on earth I'll be able to do this, LOL.

    1. Oh, and I LOVE the picture of you two. :)

  6. I so love this picture of you, too. SWEET!! :)

    I'm not so sure I'm in this time... fully. I've been thinking about it, though. Does that count? I do like LeAnna's idea and post a weekly review. We'll see..

  7. I'll enjoy your pics, but won't participate this time around. I have too much happening in my life right now and no children. Looking forward to seeing your creativity come out in your photography.

  8. I tried to say that I would join you on this when you first posted.....BUT..... my phone was messing up so it never happened. That said I have been taking photos over the weekends and will post them in a facebook album :) This will be a great way to capture more of my little girl.


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