Aug 1, 2013

Kids Photo Challenge -Day 1 - HANDS

Hands - oh the things that they encounter!  After today's challenge I come to the conclusion that kids hands are different then adult hands, yes besides the obvious physical differences - what I came to conclude today was that children's hands don't tell a story the same way adult's hands do.
Children's hands are the story!

The story of play, of building, creating, destroying and rebuilding....


....the story of curiosity, exploration, discovery and adventure....

...they are the story of creativity, crafting, growing and developing....

....and on occasion they are the story of rest, relaxing, quietly sitting...

 hand are quite the story!  An ever changing tale of life unfolding and one day that story will be written in the lines, callouses and creases of this little hands.  But not today, today these hands are young, ready and waiting for what each day will bring.
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  1. I sure do love the last photos here of little Joe...

    Oh. My. Word. is that adorable or what??

    1. Hahah! I know eh!!!! We had just switched him to forward facing and he was LOVING it!! But I couldn't get over how he was sitting - adorable indeed - makes me laugh, too cute!!!

  2. Awe...those sweet little hands!! I love those pictures Kaitlin.
    Love Kimberley

    1. Awww, THANK you Kimberley!! I miss hearing from you - I'm glad you popped in! :) ♥

  3. You went all out with this challenge! Love all those little hands...and Joe's poses are adorable!! He looks like such a little old man...with giant feet, haha!


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