Aug 2, 2013

Kids Photo Challenge - Day 2 - SILLY

Silly - oh that was easy - my kids are often silly and my middle one, well she's the Queen of silly!  And so it wasn't hard to get some silly faces out of these three today!  I have posted these in order of silliness of my kids!


Oh so silly! 

And as I often tell my gals...there is good silly and not good we had both..... 

Well it's bound to happen!

How was your silly day?

Tomorrow's Challenge: HAPPY



  1. Joe's face cracks me up!! Um, yes, that last photo would be an accurate representation of "not good silly". Hopefully some super glue will remedy?

  2. And then there is just plain whoops! Their Daddy was the King of Whoops! Love those silly faces!


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