Aug 3, 2013

Kids Photo Challenge - Day 3 - HAPPY

Well we were out all day.  Went to a lovely wedding and left the kids at home with their Granny.  I had the great idea to catch them when they saw her arrive - for they would certainly be happy!  But hubby and I over slept and I was in the middle of getting dressed when she came.

Then I had the bright idea to capture them when we came home - I even brought my iPhone (which isn't really a phone...but that's another story) to capture their smiling faces upon our return.  But we were late getting in and they were all sitting down to dinner.  And though they were happy to see us, honestly - our return was completely trumped by the fact they were eating noodles!

SO, after my hubby left to take his mom back to the city - I snapped a few shots of the girls at play out side because my gals are two very happy kids when they are playing outside!  But my favourite picture for today's challenge - isn't actually one I took today but a week or so ago - my bad, I'm sorry - but I love it!! Joseph is definitely happy in it and he is doing one of his most favourite things - playing with his Daddy!

But if it makes you feel any better - I took a couple hundred of the girls tonight to make up for it! ;) Olivia is most happy outside when swinging!!  That girl went from barely being able to get onto the swing when we first got the play set - to now a swing champion!!  She LOVES to swing and is over-joyed when you are willing to watch her!

And Catherine, well that girl is happy doing just about anything but honestly, yesterday was her true day to shine because that kid - well she's so happy when she is being silly!!!

But the swing set makes them both happy girls!!  They spend hours, many a days, out there!  Enjoying warm sun, fresh air and seemingly endless play!  They are good friends for each other and seeing them playing and growing together...well that makes me happy!

So a wedding, visiting with family, date with my hubby, shopping (new curtains, yay!), noodles, swinging, songs, snuggles, laughter, a game of tag, beans from the garden, sunshine and rain, all in all it was a happy day! 

Tomorrow's Challenge - PRENTEND

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  1. I saw a lot of happy today. Your little guy wanted to sit with me and smile most of the time he was awake. The girls were great fun too. I don't think they stopped talking all day! Even while they were pumping crazy on the swings, still talking!


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