Aug 4, 2013

Kids Photo Challenge - Day 4 - PRETEND

A bird.

A snake.


Climbing a wall to escape.

Tomorrow's Challenge - SNACK




  1. I really love what you captured for today's challenge!! Is that wall that old foundation wall in the woods near your place that you've told me about? Looks cool!

    I'm afraid I've got nothing for today's challenge...tried to think up something creative but really I have an eight month old and anything I thought of would be me forcing it (dress up??)and therefore not really "capturing" my child anyway, which is the point of this challenge, right?

    1. Aw, thanks - glad you like them! I'm happy with how they turned out - it was hard to come up with a decent photo - I didn't want to just take a picture of my kids pretending - you know like, "Here's my kids, being happy. Here's my kids, pretending" I have to remember it's a photography challenge and work to make the shots both interesting and convey the theme. Sheesh - it's summer, why am I doing this to myself! ;) lol!!

      No, no - that is certainly not the foundation in the woods near our house - that foundation is only about a foot tall and not nearly THAT cool!!

      I understand - hence why there is no 'pretend' picture of Joseph - I did have the thought to take a picture of him fake crying - because that is certainly pretend - but he never did resort to that today - so no go.

    2. Okay, so where is the wall then? I'm intrigued! And thanks for understanding about the lack of a picture today!


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