Aug 9, 2013

Kids Photo Challenge - GAME OVER! might have noticed I have been absent from the photo challenge...for about almost a week now... I'm sorry!  It must be awfully hard to link up when there is not a link up thing!


Problems were that, first my laptop caught a nasty virus and had to be taken to the 'doctor' for a couple of days.  When my hubby left with my computer in hand, I gave the kids breakfast and prayed, as I always do, before we commenced eating.  After I finished praying, my eldest daughter looks at me and says, "You didn't pray for your computer!"  Sweet thing, she is! 

After my computer bit the dust my internet decided to follow suit!  It appears that my internet is maxed out (we're on a data plan...because we live in no where land...and that's how it rolls...for now...) I think the virus is to blame - but that means I have very little internet use for the next month!

Sucky time to run a one month photo challenge eh!?!

So I have been keeping up on the challenge but I am not seeing any time soon where I will be able to post photos.  It's just not feasible!  So dear ones- I'm bowing out.  I can't keep up and I don' t know when I will be able to post photos - even though my very kind neighbours have offered to allow me the use of their internet if I walk on over - it's just too much to keep up with and I really can't harass them everyday!

It's too bad - I was enjoying it and it was such a great 'end' to the summer!

But well...I've learned a lot about myself this week.  I am truly amazed...and sadden at some of my discoveries since going techno-free!  I realize that the internet has a strong pull on me...much stronger then I ever realized ...or cared to realize!  I see now that less is certainly more!  And so I will enjoy my technological break for the month.  I hope to post a few more posts this month, share the photos I did  take, which well let me sneak in a few extra neighbour visits at the same time! 

I will say, I also learned the power of a praying husband!

A few years back my dear hubby prayed that the Lord would remove anything that was a hindrance in our life or anything that was stopping us from following Him.  The next day my dishwasher died!  And believe it or not, I learned much through that experience...strange as it was!

So guess what my hubby was doing Sunday night....the night before my computer AND internet when kaput???  Yes, that's right...praying that same prayer.

Oh and I won't go into details....but I no longer have Photoshop.

It's been a rough week, people...a rough week! feels weird to not have a picture for you all...especially when I have so many waiting...but they will wait and maybe this coming week I'll take a walk down the road, have a visit and a chat and upload some for ya'll!

Until then, blessings and love to you all! 

See you when I do!



  1. I know how you feel... and I've been thinking of you just the same.

    Keep on the sunny side!! (I'm trying to tell my own self that one, too)

    You are loved and missed.

  2. Well I'm sorry this all happened...not fun! But good for the reasons you mentioned...which still doesn't make it easy but you are right, God knows what we need at times - so hoping this break will be beneficial for you :)

    I kinda fell of the picture-posting wagon also, although not for the same reasons. I'm trying to decide whether I should catch up or just leave it for now and maybe start up another time...


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