Sep 22, 2013

Our Country Home

Well, I promised this months ago but I have just now finally got photos ready to show you.  A little tour of our country abode for y'all. 


If you were here in person I would serve you coffee...or tea.  You can be sure there would be music playing and a few candles going and once we meandered through the house we'd plunk down in the living room or gather at the kitchen table and chat the day away.  Oh yes...there would probably be some sort of baked goodie to enjoy as well!

So imagine if you will and enjoy a peek into our home.

We enter through the porch and come into my farmtastic, sunshine yellow, country kitchen!

I just adore an eat in kitchen!! We are not a formal dining room kind of family.  I love to have the kitchen the hub of the home.  The place where people gather and stay for hours!  I also love having my sink in front of the window, where I can gaze out at the girls on the tire swing, or the chickens running in the yard or look beyond the barns to the giant old oak trees.  Bliss I tell you, bliss!

And here are just a few details from around one of my favourite rooms in the house!

Oh and yes, we can not forget the walk in panty!  Didn't know how much I needed one of these until I had it!  Now it's hard to image living without one! ;)  It's just lovely, not as organized as I would like it but pretty good for me!  There was a door on it but we took it off so that it is really a part of the kitchen now, plus since we cleaned it out, painted it and organized it, I very much enjoy this space!

Next to the kitchen is the room without a name.  It is technically the formal dining room for the house but we currently use it for a multitude of things.   It was our homeschool space, but it also serves as a kids play zone, crafting room, office, games room and whatever else you could cram into an area.  The window there over looks the best view of the house. 

Every room has wonderful views but it is the windows that face the back that overlook the valley, with the hill of trees in the distance and the largest expanse of sky around, that are the best!  In front of this window is where you will often find me blogging....when I can take my eyes of the beauty before me long enough to put fingers to keys.

 Next to the no name room is our weirdly giant two piece bathroom and laundry room - it also doubles...err triples, as my studio space.  It's a great space just strangely large!

From the formal dining room space, it's an open concept move into the living room area. 

And since we loved them so much, we duplicated our corner shelves from our last home.  But this time we used barn board from our barns. 

And I took a little close up of the ladder shelves we have hanging over our couch.  I love how they look and how they can hold a collection of photos and important, memory laden nick-knacks.  We bought this old ladder at a local curious shop for only $8.00!
And we can't forget my much LOVED wallpaper collage wall!!  LOVE it still sooo very much!! It makes me awfully happy every time I see it!
And so ascending the stairs there, we come to the master bedroom.  Originally we gave this room to the girls because well, it's ridiculously large!  (Seriously, this old house has crazy big rooms, oh and closets, seriously LOTS of closet space in a 126 year old house!) Anyways, after a while we realized the girls just felt over whelmed and so we took back the master, complete with three large windows, a big closet and it's own staircase down to the kitchen.


This is the room the girls now share.  It's big enough for two but cozy enough they don't feel so overwhelmed.  I love it! Such a sweet space.


And then to round it all out is Joe's room.  Another large bedroom, another great space!

And then, my pièce de résistance, the upstairs bathroom! It may not be magazine worthy - not that I would want it to be...because then I would certainly have to clean it more often - but it's honestly the room that probably most sold me on this house in the first place!  It has a separate shower and when we bought it, a claw foot tub.  Yes, those are very neat, antique, charming...but people - if you are a bath person at all then let me tell you - practical, they are not!  They are hard, cold and small!  So out went ours and in went my deep, deep, looong, soaker! And also, and because he's the sweetest man I know - my hubby installed it reverse from the original layout, so that when I'm soaking away I can gaze out the window!
That's love!

And then after all that, there is our third floor space.  A wonderful, large space with the best view in the house.  It could be an amazing guest space someday...but for now, it stores all of our crap stuff.

So that, my dear friends is a little peek into our much loved country home....

Okay but here's the kicker - this is our front lawn right now....

Do you see it there?  The for sale sign?

Yes friends, we are selling our much loved, prayed for, dreamt about country home.

Gasp away - I'm still in shock myself!  This post has been a hard one typing up because...well as I have been working away on it, we have listed this home, had a really good showing and even took a gander at a few other houses ourselves.

Where are we going?  Back to the city. 

But friends, I think I will leave it all at that.  This is long enough as it is and I feel I might better write out our reasons in another post - soon too I hope...seeing as the house is pretty much finished, the kids are in school, the pigs go to market in a week and the cooler weather is setting in - I just might find the time to blog a bit more!

 Thanks for visiting - come again, the coffee's always on!



  1. I WILL come for coffee (tea)and try to make it this week, but the car is heading to the shop, I will let you know what works. Will you bake me a treat? Love you...

  2. I have a little gal sitting here on my lap - making it next to near impossible to say all that I want to say. TONS of questions.. I just can't wait to read further...
    I am going to miss this place - in your blogging, you know?!?!? Wanted to stay in that third floor room you were working on.. ;)

  3. I LOVE YOUR HOME!!!!!!!!! So sad you are selling, but I know that God must have big plans for you and your family. In the meantime...wanna come and decorate my place? I love your, adorable. Can't wait to hear the how's and why's...but will be praying for you until then. Take care.


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