Sep 15, 2013


Class is now in session!

Two weeks under their belts and my school going gals are doing....GREAT!


So how did it all go?  I'm sure some of you are curious about the first day and even the first couple of weeks...seeing as I haven't been on to blog in that time.  Funny...since my gals have been off to school, I have been busier then ever!

Anyways, the first day started early! 


Breakfast, making beds, getting dressed, heading out the door, only pausing long enough to capture my cuties on 'film'.


I took the girls into their classroom and they settled in quite quickly.  The school is small, so they are in a class of about eleven kids from preschool to grade three.


I only stayed long enough to make sure they were settled.  I joined them for "O Canada" and for the principal's prayer for the school year.  And then I was off. 

And no, there were no tears.  Not from them and not from me.  I'm happy and excited for them and they are happy and excited to be there.  I think though, that this week it will set in more.  I have been busy, busy - as I stated - but I think this week will slow down.  It's then, in the quite of my house, without laughter, shrieks, tears, giggles, whining and endless chatter that I will fully take in this new season.
But so far things are going very well!  Plus...I still have my baby boy here!


What's he doing by that fire pit?  Well his daddy is starting him young....okay...not quite.  No, we decided to celebrate the girls first week of school with a family hot dog and marshmallow roast.


 It was a nice time of just being.  Other then the flies, it was so lovely!  ;) 

And so tomorrow will be the beginning of week three.  Routine is setting in and I'm actually not minding the packing of lunches...not yet! ;)  I also will be teaching my first art class tomorrow - so I'm a bit anxious, yet excited too!  It's for the "big kids", as my gals call them - the grades five to eight, so hopefully it will be a good and eager group!

The weather has sure taken a turn here.  For a bit it seemed that summer was back with a bit of a vengeance but then, over the last few days, you can really feel Autumn is coming.  The trees across the valley are changing and I look forward to the beauty that will grace my view very shortly.


Well I should go, gather what I need for tomorrow but I wanted to pop in and give a little update. It is also a great excuse to sit and enjoy my favourite cup of tea, an autumn candle of pure scent bliss, and the quiet of a house where the children are in bed and my husband is out.

Have a blessed week!



  1. Cozy! Enjoy your evening! Glad the girlies are enjoying school! Bet Joe misses them...have a blessed week. Pop in if you are in town.

  2. Can I join the art class, you offer? I've been thinking about taking some sort of evening class offered at our local HIGH SCHOOL..I love watercolor - and drawing and just want to understand it and do it more often.


    If only we lived closer..

    Our littlest two could play together... beings they are without their siblings. (sigh)

    I love hearing you here.. I've missed your popping in but hey, I understand, you're busy. Best of everything in your new class/teaching adventure.

  3. Fun to get a peek into the girl's classroom! They look so excited and proud of themselves.

  4. Oh your girls are so cute!!! You and your husband sound like such wonderful parents. Enjoy and treasure these special times, because they grow up faster than you can imagine.

    ♥Lee Ann


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