Oct 29, 2013

Ramblings and a Road Trip

...I'm going to try to sneak in one last post for the month of October and bring my grand total of posting this month up to...THREE! Whoa! Let's not over do it now!


I really just don't know where the time has gone!

I say that a lot lately....I must be getting old, because the days fly by so terribly fast!

But anyways.

Well, I did finally get in for an ultrasound and it appears that this little one is due May 12.  Just four days after our tenth wedding anniversary!

So much for big plans on going anywhere.


But it's all good - we'll aim for our 11th to get away....I hope!

And, well yes; we could still manage to squeeze in a holiday - since we were not actually planning on flying anywhere (because I'm slightly, just ever so, deathly afraid to fly, just a tad...) but we also want to have hubby take some time off, (read, parental leave again, yay!) after baby is born and that will affect the budget greatly!   And so the idea of going away for a vacation, a few weeks prior to him being off work, might not be the wisest idea.

So, as I have hit the 12 week mark now - I am actually starting to feel myself again.  I'm still battling the mid afternoon and evening tiredness but it's getting much better.  My creative juices seem to be flowing again, be it a bit slow going but I think there is hope that my energy and thus creative self will return to normal.

This is all good timing too because my BFF and I are escaping for the weekend!  That's two nights and three whole days away from our lovely men folk and darling littles!  We are heading to the Woman of Grace conference - exciting!!

And this should be one heck of a 6 hour road trip!

I'm super stoked because it will be such a good opportunity to grow, worship, re-connect with God and have some serious girl time - plus a big ol' ROAD TRIP!

Because we all know how much I love road trips!!!


But it will also be weird because hubby and I are never apart!  We sat down and thought about it and it was tough to recall if we have been apart at all since our second child was born!  And we figured it was only twice, both times for only one night, that we spent apart since being married!

I know that's not how everyone rolls but it's how we do!  We just like to be together and well, there's never been much need to not be.  So this will be different but lots o' fun as well!  Just pray for him, alone, with three kiddos, okay! ;)  (I'm kidding - he is an amazing daddy and I know everything will just great while I'm gone!)

Are you enjoying my fall-tastic photos....well...they really are not so fall-tastic - I have not been too motivated to pull out the camera as of late and so I didn't really capture much of our beautiful autumn weather here.  But here are a few shots to delight your eyes with - not in regards to my photography skill but in complete admiration of the wonder, beauty and creativity of the Master Himself!

And so here you have another rambly post....but many of you seem to enjoy these...which is good - because well...that's me!  Rambly goodness!  Though with coffee in hand would be much nicer but we can use our imaginations now can't we!?
Not that I've been drinking much coffee as of late - pregnancy will do that to me. 

And so I have to pack my bag...after I dig it out of our third floor junk loft!  Big plans on that front...okay not big...but with the help of my BFF we have decided how to best use that space and hubby and I are now motivated to get to work on cleaning it out - but I'll keep that all for another time....probably a much, much later time.
Because, let's be honest.  I barely seem to have time to blog, let a lone start another project!  I have somethings I need to get organized before Christmas - because people, it's less then two months away!!!  (Sorry all you American readers - I know you haven't even had your Thanksgiving yet but I'm ITCHING for the Christmas season!!!)
But I'm excited about that space none the less!
And so, I have to pack, clean, do some baking, maybe some last minute shopping (my shoes have split right down the soul *sob*)  and whatever else time will allow for.
Have a wonderful weekend and I will share all about our little adventure when I get back! 

Oct 15, 2013

Crafting Again...

This little project is due late April or early May, 2014!

Yes, that's right - baby number FOUR is in the making!  I'll be honest and say, we were a bit surprised...not that we shouldn't have been expecting this news...but still...I guess we are just thankful for each of our littles and never really expect any more...until...well...until we are expecting!

To the point that before stopping off to pick up a pregnancy test - (because my cycle is always so crazy, so I go to the dollar store - yes, seriously, the dollar store - and pick up a few tests to keep on hand - because I just never really know if my cycle is late or just being lazy) so anyways - before I had stopped to pick up the test, I had made a detour to our local Goodwill to drop off some boxes of clothes that had been kicking around in my trunk for over a week.

Only to realize the next morning - after taking said and positive test - that the one box was full of maternity clothes.


Anyways- so yes...we were a bit surprised but very happy!

This explains the tiredness.  My one and only major symptom...other then water retention near the end...but we won't talk about that, it's not pretty!


And hence the lack of blogging - because seriously when I sit down and even think of putting together a post, the thought makes me exhausted!  But I'm somewhere around 12 weeks now and I can feel the fog lifting a bit....well, not the mental fog...but the tired, barely able to make it to eight o`clock fog! 

I don`t have exact dates yet...my midwife is having trouble getting me in for an ultrasound soon enough to do a proper dating - I guess that's what happens when I don't find out until I'm around 10 weeks...

...it`s this crazy cycle of mine! 

But it works for me, because I hate, H.A.T.E waiting....(I'm working on it...I am!) so I like missing most of the first trimester, not knowing anything and then being like, "Ooooh! That explains so much!"

Soooo.....some of you may be wondering about how the selling of our house is going to play into all of this?! No....oh, you didn't think about that....well....I DID!

And so, after much of what I mentioned in my last post, and with still no action on our place and also with a baby coming next Spring - we are NOT SELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!


And we feel good about that!


As my sweet friend Bevy put in her comment on my last post there- maybe this was a whole Abraham and Isaac thing - that God wanted us to realize where we put our focus; what we valued and what we would be willing to give up for Him.

I like that...I'm going with that!


And to top it all off, we finished up some projects that needed to get done...most important one, I have a tap set on my tub now! Mwahahaha! LOVE IT!

So that's all for now....really...it's quite enough...what more would you want?

And now you shall enjoy six more months of the ramblings of, a pregnant and mom to three, woman.

Should be fun!



Oct 9, 2013

This, That and Where We're At

Hello neglected blog land!

Okay....so you're not that neglected - I just feel you're a tad more neglected then I have meant for you to be.  Sooo, some of you have asked and some of you, I'm sure are wondering - how is the house stuff going?

Well....it's not!

We have had not a single other showing.  Not a call, no interest, nothing...nada...zilch!  The market here has seemed to grind to a slight halt and nothing is really happening anywhere around here.  And we, being out in the lovely ol' country side, are seeing no action.

So that's where that is at.  A whole lot of nothing and well, that's fine because I've been too busy to bother to keep this place clean enough for showings - so that's all fine and dandy with me!


And with this no action, hubby and I have been talking - and really, really looking over everything.  We still see a lot of pluses to moving and are not abandoning that idea...(yet *wink* ) but we have also taken a hard look at the facts of staying as well.

*giddy laugh*


Soooooo...we are waiting and working on being still.

We are looking hard at the budget, we are balancing our needs and wants, for both money and time and we are still in prayer.  I reminded my husband that our time here has been stretched thin because, well, because we just haven't stopped in a year and a half.  We moved in, less then a month later had our son, got our first pigs, had health issues with the baby boy, renovated, hosted a baby shower, celebrated a bitter sweet Christmas, became members of our church, renovated, continued to unpack, got chickens, the baby turned one, renovated, got more pigs, bought a van, put the girls in school, visits with family, a few more renos and down to two final boxes to unpack and then wham! Let's sell!

I mentioned that, we haven't just lived here yet! 

A lot has changed in the past year and maybe we are learning to just, be!?!

Anyways....those were some of my arguments points, that I thought we should ponder on and with no offers....even showings at this point...well it's a good place to rest for the time being.

So we have been enjoying this unseasonably warm Autumn and living up each day! 

My sister, from the other side of the country, was here for a couple of weeks, so I was busy visiting with her.  She had brought with her, crazy summer weather and so we took in walks by the river, sitting by my mom's pool side and coffee galore!  It was a nice visit but over much too fast!

Out for a family walk one evening, hubby, the kids and I, found a little apple tree just at the edge of our property.  We harvested up a few delicious, tart yet slightly sweet little apples and nom, nom, nommed them on our walk.  Later Dave returned and collected a bucket full for me.  I have plans for these little fellas...just you wait....but don't really...because who knows if I'll actually do anything....or if it will even work out when I do....


But on an actual productive note, I have my first batch of pumpkin puree packed away into the freezer....well what was left after a couple of baking sessions!  I have so far....lost count of the number of pumpkins I have harvested from my garden.  I was nearing twenty sitting about the porch now, but there are still some out there yet to be brought in!

The colours were gorgeous this year but short lived!  The leaves are falling fast and in all honestly, I'm kind eager for Christmas!


I said it, I know...I'm sorry...but not really!


Oh and for us here, our Thanksgiving is this weekend - oh yes, TURKEY dinners coming my way! OH YUM!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love turkey...'cause I do...a lot!!!


So that is this, that and where I'm at for today - have a blessed a lovely weekend and a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!!!



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