Oct 15, 2013

Crafting Again...

This little project is due late April or early May, 2014!

Yes, that's right - baby number FOUR is in the making!  I'll be honest and say, we were a bit surprised...not that we shouldn't have been expecting this news...but still...I guess we are just thankful for each of our littles and never really expect any more...until...well...until we are expecting!

To the point that before stopping off to pick up a pregnancy test - (because my cycle is always so crazy, so I go to the dollar store - yes, seriously, the dollar store - and pick up a few tests to keep on hand - because I just never really know if my cycle is late or just being lazy) so anyways - before I had stopped to pick up the test, I had made a detour to our local Goodwill to drop off some boxes of clothes that had been kicking around in my trunk for over a week.

Only to realize the next morning - after taking said and positive test - that the one box was full of maternity clothes.


Anyways- so yes...we were a bit surprised but very happy!

This explains the tiredness.  My one and only major symptom...other then water retention near the end...but we won't talk about that, it's not pretty!


And hence the lack of blogging - because seriously when I sit down and even think of putting together a post, the thought makes me exhausted!  But I'm somewhere around 12 weeks now and I can feel the fog lifting a bit....well, not the mental fog...but the tired, barely able to make it to eight o`clock fog! 

I don`t have exact dates yet...my midwife is having trouble getting me in for an ultrasound soon enough to do a proper dating - I guess that's what happens when I don't find out until I'm around 10 weeks...

...it`s this crazy cycle of mine! 

But it works for me, because I hate, H.A.T.E waiting....(I'm working on it...I am!) so I like missing most of the first trimester, not knowing anything and then being like, "Ooooh! That explains so much!"

Soooo.....some of you may be wondering about how the selling of our house is going to play into all of this?! No....oh, you didn't think about that....well....I DID!

And so, after much of what I mentioned in my last post, and with still no action on our place and also with a baby coming next Spring - we are NOT SELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!


And we feel good about that!


As my sweet friend Bevy put in her comment on my last post there- maybe this was a whole Abraham and Isaac thing - that God wanted us to realize where we put our focus; what we valued and what we would be willing to give up for Him.

I like that...I'm going with that!


And to top it all off, we finished up some projects that needed to get done...most important one, I have a tap set on my tub now! Mwahahaha! LOVE IT!

So that's all for now....really...it's quite enough...what more would you want?

And now you shall enjoy six more months of the ramblings of, a pregnant and mom to three, woman.

Should be fun!




  1. Woot.Woot.

    God is good!! All around... all of the time... He has you in HIS hand.

    Here is another little ditty that I made up - oh, a long time ago. For what it's worth..
    "If to sink or swim?
    Don't flail - just float.
    The palm of HIS hand..
    Makes a great boat."

    Congratulations you crafty people, you!

    1. I LOVE your ditty!! I shared it with Dave too - he thought it was great!! So true!! Thank you for sharing it!!!!!!! :)

  2. Yay is right. How exciting! God says, "I know the plans I have for you...." and He does. He works them out quietly even when we are unaware...Blessings, maG ( I'm focusing on the Granny part of MAG just now, thus the big G.)

  3. Awesome~congrats to you and your family!!

  4. Well, April seems to be a popular month for babies in your family! :) Congratulations. See you soon?

  5. Hi Kaitlin! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and a big CONGRATULATIONS on baby #4! How exciting! I totally know what you mean about the crazy cycles - if I didn't track mine so carefully (I'm a control freak), I'd probably think I was pregnant so many times when I'm not, haha! I'm looking forward to reading more about your pregnancy! :-)

  6. Hi Kaitlin, I just left you a message on Facebook! CONGRATS!! Such wonderful news! With my little person due the first week of February and yours in April, they'll just be a few months apart! Such happy news :-D

  7. How did I MISS THIS?!?! Congratulations on this sweet blessing, friend!


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