Oct 9, 2013

This, That and Where We're At

Hello neglected blog land!

Okay....so you're not that neglected - I just feel you're a tad more neglected then I have meant for you to be.  Sooo, some of you have asked and some of you, I'm sure are wondering - how is the house stuff going?

Well....it's not!

We have had not a single other showing.  Not a call, no interest, nothing...nada...zilch!  The market here has seemed to grind to a slight halt and nothing is really happening anywhere around here.  And we, being out in the lovely ol' country side, are seeing no action.

So that's where that is at.  A whole lot of nothing and well, that's fine because I've been too busy to bother to keep this place clean enough for showings - so that's all fine and dandy with me!


And with this no action, hubby and I have been talking - and really, really looking over everything.  We still see a lot of pluses to moving and are not abandoning that idea...(yet *wink* ) but we have also taken a hard look at the facts of staying as well.

*giddy laugh*


Soooooo...we are waiting and working on being still.

We are looking hard at the budget, we are balancing our needs and wants, for both money and time and we are still in prayer.  I reminded my husband that our time here has been stretched thin because, well, because we just haven't stopped in a year and a half.  We moved in, less then a month later had our son, got our first pigs, had health issues with the baby boy, renovated, hosted a baby shower, celebrated a bitter sweet Christmas, became members of our church, renovated, continued to unpack, got chickens, the baby turned one, renovated, got more pigs, bought a van, put the girls in school, visits with family, a few more renos and down to two final boxes to unpack and then wham! Let's sell!

I mentioned that, we haven't just lived here yet! 

A lot has changed in the past year and maybe we are learning to just, be!?!

Anyways....those were some of my arguments points, that I thought we should ponder on and with no offers....even showings at this point...well it's a good place to rest for the time being.

So we have been enjoying this unseasonably warm Autumn and living up each day! 

My sister, from the other side of the country, was here for a couple of weeks, so I was busy visiting with her.  She had brought with her, crazy summer weather and so we took in walks by the river, sitting by my mom's pool side and coffee galore!  It was a nice visit but over much too fast!

Out for a family walk one evening, hubby, the kids and I, found a little apple tree just at the edge of our property.  We harvested up a few delicious, tart yet slightly sweet little apples and nom, nom, nommed them on our walk.  Later Dave returned and collected a bucket full for me.  I have plans for these little fellas...just you wait....but don't really...because who knows if I'll actually do anything....or if it will even work out when I do....


But on an actual productive note, I have my first batch of pumpkin puree packed away into the freezer....well what was left after a couple of baking sessions!  I have so far....lost count of the number of pumpkins I have harvested from my garden.  I was nearing twenty sitting about the porch now, but there are still some out there yet to be brought in!

The colours were gorgeous this year but short lived!  The leaves are falling fast and in all honestly, I'm kind eager for Christmas!


I said it, I know...I'm sorry...but not really!


Oh and for us here, our Thanksgiving is this weekend - oh yes, TURKEY dinners coming my way! OH YUM!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love turkey...'cause I do...a lot!!!


So that is this, that and where I'm at for today - have a blessed a lovely weekend and a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!!!



  1. This is certainly my kind of post... the ramble, ramble kind and... I love it.

    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. And.. if I can add anything else. Your arguments/points to ponder would be mine as well. They ARE ALL very valid. I think "BE-ing" is really a good place to be. I know Scott and I will be praying (continuing) as you walk this out. Kudos on the revisiting/rehashing of the financial aspect of things. Maybe this is the Abraham/Isaac test and God providing a ram off in the "unexpected" thicket... how much are you willing to sacrifice - give up for HIM??
    Just a thought..

    1. I failed to add..
      I absolutely adore these photos...and jealous (just a little) with that apple tree...how awesome is that?? SEE! your still finding blessing (ones unaccounted for - yet!) is this ole place.. ;)

  2. I can't imagine you living anywhere else...but God will keep you posted on that one as time goes on. I love your country place. Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday!

  3. Wow! Well, I guess it's Good and Bad?!?!? ha ha I agree, just enjoy BEING at home in the country...I have a sad face, I miss my apple tree~maybe I can get one planted in the future. Your photos are AWESOME! The kids are getting so big. I have to tell ya, the last pic might be my favorite, love the angle! When is your Thanksgiving? I'm so NOT ready for the holidays! Probably because it's still 88 degrees and really windy here in KS!

  4. Gorgeous autumn pictures and looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! And see, I still read your blog :)

  5. :sigh: More pretty pictures! Love the one of the tire swings, oh to be a kid again. I'm glad God is making ways for you to stay and cherish your little place. I know how that feels, something is always in need of repair, or attention. I want to be able to just sit on my back porch and drink a glass of tea without seeing everything that needs done. Maybe one day. ;)


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