Nov 12, 2013

Humbly Blessed!

Well, folks - I did return and my weekend away was just about as fantastic as one could imagine...actually even more so then I imagined it could be.  So much so, that I am still digesting it all.  I have finally sorted through the few hundred photos between my BFF and I and I'm trying to compose a post about the whole adventure.

But it's hard!

There was a lot packed into those three days and I'm trying to capture it I thought I'd put that on hold and work on it more this week!  Because I do want to capture it all but I have to figure out just how...and in how many posts!


In the mean time I wanted to share an encouraging story.

The other evening, as I got up to use the washroom - an ever going hobby of mine these days - I took note of a car that looked as if it had apparently turned around in our driveway.

It was completely dark out, so I only saw the tail and head lights as they drove slowly past our home.  It's not often people turn around out here but not entirely uncommon.  And wanting to get back amongst the warm blankets, I returned to bed and didn't give it a second thought.

The next morning, at breakfast, the bacon my hubby was cooking was smelling a deciding that we should probably not eat the odd smelling bacon (that we realized had been in our fridge for a couple of weeks already), he took it outside to toss it in the field for some lucky coyotes to enjoy later.

Upon opening the screen door, there on the porch lay three large department store bags. 

That's when I remembered the car from the night before.

Hubby deposited the bacon across the road and came back in with the bags in hand.  And to our utter amazement and disbelief, there inside were two brand new snow suits for our girls and two fleece sleepers for the boy and a pair of pants for him as well!

We were shocked!

Our girls were in need of new suits, but we just couldn't afford the (crazy!) prices of them.  We had a decent hand-me down one for Catherine and though it was on the small side, I was hoping to make it work.  For Olivia we had some hand-me down snow pants, quite worn in the knees but I was thinking they might make just one more winter.  As for her coat, I have searched the whole house, even the garage and it is no where to be found!

I was planning on hitting up some snow suit drives soon but had yet to hear word of any.

And as for the boy - well dear hubby had gone through his clothes while I was gone and our little giant has out grown everything we have!  He was down to only about four sleepers...and for whatever reason, his night time diapers...well they don't hold as they should!  So new sleepers were on the list of need to get!

Hubby and I ate our breakfast in complete silence, trying to digest this generosity!  Trying to let this blessing sink in and being entirely, completely humbled by all of it!

Who would have done this?  Who would have thought of us so and be willing to give so generously?  Who took the time to shop and then, in the cover of night, bring these parcels to us?  Why?

God has used someone to bless our family.  Bless us before we could even ask, before we fully even realized the need was there.

It's incredibly humbling to be blessed in this way!

Not humbling because we lacked providing for ourselves but humbling in how God worked in someone's life to bless little ol' us!  How someone was moved to think of our family, to care for us, to spend money and time and to be so incredibly thoughtful!

So no, we haven't figured out who it was - but we do know that our heavenly Father cares for us and that He has put some amazing people in our lives!

THANK YOU to whom ever has humbly blessed us - you are a gift from God!



  1. Kaitlin - this gives me good I can relate. This happened for us - two different times - when I was a kid growing up. Humbling and exciting/encouraging - when Christmas was coming and we knew there wouldn't be much for Christmas that year (as we were told) but - lo, and behold! God had other things in mind. Another time was boxes and bags of groceries... just because.

    All the more reason that I feel motivated to be a BLESSING BANDIT... and no, your gifts there were not from me. ;(
    Maybe you'll never know who those "SPECIFIC" things were from but I bet you'll find a way - in your future - to pay it forward. eh??

    Hmm... that is awesome. I can't wait to hear about your weekend.

  2. That is AWESOME! I love Bevy's title of Blessing Bandit....I want to be one too!! Love hearing how God works in our lives....

  3. Love this! And I love how our God is Jehovah Jirah, our PROVIDER!


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