Nov 14, 2013

Muskoka: Part 1 - The Adventure

Wow! What a weekend that was!  I don't know where to start....I don't know how to even write down and capture all that I experienced, learned and all the amazing, God filled events that unfolded over those three days away!

So I finally decided to break it down into a few posts.  I'm starting with the adventure of it all - because oh what an adventure we had!  Okay, so no it wasn't climbing mount Everst kind of adventure - but a fun, road trip, kind of adventure just the same!

But before beginning I want to pause to say; this weekend would not have been possible if it wasn't for our two AMAZING husbands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacey (my BFF that you so often hear me refer to) and I feel extremely blessed to be the help mates, best friends and loves to our wonderful men!!  They made it all possible for us to go and we couldn't thank God enough for these two godly and loving men!!

Thank you Richard!
Thank you Dave! back to the weekend adventure.  We headed out Friday - with a pit stop at the Starbucks for my favourite hot beverage; an Americano!  We then made another pit stop back at my house because I had forgotten my runners and....the directions!


So we were then on our way!  Open road, great coffee, good tunes and five and a half hours of travel a head of us!

The day was windy and us in her little Yaris were having a grand ol' time keeping it on the road.  We ventured quite aways before finding a little...settlement to stop in, use the facilities and make our picnic the car. 

Since I supplied the snacks for the trip, my gal pal brought us an amazing lunch.  Complete with homemade bread, bacon and some of the most delicious cheese around!  We ate like Queens we did, in that little Yaris, with the wind roaring and the locals staring.

Changing drivers, I was now behind the wheel and the rest of the trip lay before us.  I had printed out Google map directions as our only means of a 'map' - but so far we had been doing pretty well - with nary a turn around or wrong way.  We did have my GPS for a back up...but...and I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before or not but my GPS has this terrible habit of trying to kill us!


We call her Dianne.  Why does she have a name?  Because...well you have to name your GPS'!  I mean if someone is going to tell you where to go and what to do, they need a name so you have something to say when you are cursing talking back to I alone on this????

Anyways - we hoped to only have to use Dianne as a last resort!

And until we were only about 15 minuets away from our destination we left her packed away.  That was, until we came upon this scene...

Apparently a wind storm have blown through the night before and it had caused some damage.  At this point in our adventure....5 hours and fifteen minutes in...only FIFTEEN more to go - we were at a stand still.  A tree had fallen, knocking over a power line and starting a fire on the side of the road. 

We stood there....Google map directions in other map....and knowing we would have to now trust Dianne.....or move the pylons and hope to out run that cop there.... was a hard choice...but we decided to go with Dianne.

Yes, you may think this sounds dramatic but seriously this GPS has it out for least my hubby and me!  She's taken us down back roads with swamps across them, telling us to continue through, she's taken us down dark roads, under heavy construction, with giant car sized sink holes being hid by planks of wood and she has even once taken us down a pedestrian walking path at a University! 

So do you see our hesitation to follow her and how the contemplation of out running the cop was a close contender???

But alas, we punched in the address and headed off into the Muskoka woods.

It started well, when she had us turn off the nice, paved road and travel down a side road.  It got better when we came to this road and she told us to continue on....


In case you can't tell...that road is barely a car width wide!  There were creeks on each side and oh, yes, lets not forget the sign - "No winter maintenance beyond this point"...and the sign above that?? It wasn't even readable!!

Right Dianne...right. 

But what choice did we have?!?  So we ventured on!

This winding, small, dirt road was pretty...I'll give you that!  We dodged fallen branches and hoped that no one else would meet us on this pathway ...err....'road'.  Eventually it became wider.... just in time for this next little obstacle...

...yes that's a tree trying to bring down a power line...and this view is from after we went under it.  The road was one long trail of wind blown debris and we had a grand ol' time dodging all the fallen branches that littered our winding, hilly way!
But things got better and we were thanking Dianne when a 'real' road appeared before us and it match our Google map directions!  She hadn't try to kill us after all...
And so we were just about there!  Check in started at 3:00 with dinner to be at 6:00, it was 5:15!  We saw the sign, "Hallelujah!" and turned the corner and.....saw this in our path...
But by this time we were pros at dodging trees and power lines and with barely a blink of the eye we pulled on through!
So we had made it!  Five and a half hours, surviving Dianne, back roads, fallen trees, it was all good!  We were there!
We got out, stretched and found the check in location.  Only to discover....that half the resort was out of power!
The lady at the desk said that some rooms had power and some did not.  Some had power in parts of the room and not in other parts of the room, so we were to go to our room and check it out and let them know if we did not have power.
I took one look at Stacey, "You know our room won't have power!"
We headed out to find our weekend abode.  Originally we had signed up for a room with two queen size beds and it's own patio or deck - but being the procrastinators that we are - those rooms were already taken when we when to book.  So we ended up booking a room with a queen bed plus a double bunk bed.  Ah well - it wasn't about the rooms but the experience...right?!
Anyways, we found our building and were pleasantly surprised to discover our building was next to the main one - which means we were pretty centrally located to all the happenings for the weekend.  We were also surprised to discover our room with it's own door plate...
A suite?  Fancy!  And it was a pretty nice room - yes, it still had the bunk bed but it was a huge room, with oodles of closet space and even a mini fridge!  Turns out it was the room that the guest speaker, if traveling with family, usually takes!
Well, well, well!
Oh and the view, was okay....if GORGEOUS is your thing!
And did we have power???
No lights, no heat!
So Stacey said she would go and tell the lady at the front desk.  A few minuets later she returned.  "I told her we have no power." she informed me "and she wrote it down and then gave me this!"
I glanced up to see a tiny flashlight in her hand!
Hahaha!  Well, it was going to be a fun night!
And well...that's where I shall leave you all for now.  I will say, that no, there was no heat until supper the next day.  So the first night was C.O.L.D - but hey, it's the Muskoka's, so what are you going to do?!   We buried ourselves under piles of blankets, chatted until the wee hours and still we were up and ready to roll by 8:30 the next morning! Thank goodness we at least had hot water and there was of course, plenty of good coffee to go around! 


  1. It was exciting hearing about your adventures in person, but even more fun to read them written down. Like reading a good book, I can't wait for the next chapter! Love you.

  2. AHEMM... Ditch Dianne. (no GPS's found here...)
    Here's a little rant on why... or how how serious we are about NOT ever owning one. As you say "Dianne" can't be trusted. Coming from an ex-trucker - Scott will only use Trucker's Maps. Different than a regular map. Anyway. When Jayne was born - had she been a boy...we wanted to use the (first) name Garrett. I wanted to use Paul as a middle name - because both of our grandfathers' were Paul. But. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not allowed. That would mean G.P.S. as the kid's initials. Nope... So - I had to settle for Luke as the possible middle name. And then Jayne Abigail was born...instead. And still no - GPS's in this home.


    I loved reading your story. This (you're such a great storyteller) surely has left me in suspense. I loved the consolation prize - the tiny flashlight. Abd... the continual coffee.

    waiting for more.

    BTW: awesome photos... and interesting ride. Something tells me it's only going to get even "better".

    1. Hahahah you are too funny Bevy!!!!!!!!! I love, LOVE your GPS rant!! I can't believe you wouldn't use Paul because of the initials - that's so funny! I like you guys!! Yes, when we did finally break down and buy a GPS (a couple of years ago) I was very against it - but it has made for some interesting stories! ;)

      I appreciate that you said I'm a good story teller - I never am sure! And yes, that 'consolation prize' - we weren't even allowed to keep it! :P

  3. O. My. Gosh! You are a great story teller...and I am anxiously awaiting to hear the rest of the story! What a story to just ARRIVE~

    1. Haha! Thank you! You are too sweet!!! I'm glad you think that I tell a good story,*blushing!* it was fun to re-live it all again!! :D

  4. This sounds like a real-life adventure! Can't wait to hear the rest. Time spent with a great friend makes it all the sweeter!


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