Nov 21, 2013

Muskoka: Part 2 - New Friends, Food and Fun

Okay, so the adventure lessened a bit after the initial arrival!  But the fun...well it was just getting started!

And so once we were settled into our semi-dark and cold room, we freshened up a tad and then headed to the dinning room.  It was just about 6:00 and we were ready for a good meal, eager to start the weekend and mostly...just relieved to have made it there at all!

We were greeted by a grand room, with large windows taking in the same gorgeous view as our own room, the was sun setting behind the thick cloud cover and there was table upon table adorn in candle light....because well, the dining room was also without power!

The dining room - in daylight, when the power was back on

Thank the good Lord that they had the kitchen running though!


Stacey and I briefly contemplated about whether to sit on our own or join a table that already held occupants, when both of our eyes fell on the only two people in the room - these lovely ladies;

Our two new gal pals - Noreen and Tammy


Okay, so they weren't really the only two people in the room but when both Stacey and I looked back on the night - it was as if they were.  We didn't see anyone else!  So we made a bee-line to their table.

"Are these seats taken?" we asked.  They politely said no.  "Well...can we join you then?"  They graciously said yes and being the friend making, people loving persons that Stacey and I are - we of course did not take the seats directly across from them - no, we plunked ourselves right down next to them!

And a friendship was born!

We ate dinner together, learning all those important facts that women can cover in about two hours and so we practically had everyone's life story by the time dinner was over.  And dinner people! Let me just tell you how good it was - actually let me tell you how amazing ALL the food was the entire weekend!!

And we had thought our dashboard sandwiches had us eating like Queens....well the food at the resort was a whole something else!!  Maybe it was the fact that it was all made fresh and from scratch, or maybe it was because we didn't have to cook it ourselves, or maybe it was the fact that we didn't have to clean or even clear the dishes that helped to make it so good but whatever came together to make that food so fantastic - well it was worth every moment of that crazy drive to get there!

Lunch on the last day - I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the that to say:
I didn't stop long enough from mowing down on the deliciousness to take a photo!

So us and our new found friends headed to the first session, at 8:00 that evening.  It was great, like three and a half pages of notes great - and this was just the welcome/warm-up session!  There is so much to say about all that I learned/re-learned from the speaker but I'm saving all of that for part three of my Muskoka adventure fun!

The session ended and we were all invited back to a large gathering room where there was a cozy fire going in the woodstove, fresh fruit to munch on and oodles of tea and coffee.  The four of us grabbed a table and some hot drinks but turned down the food - because we were all still quite satisfied by our delicious dinner!

And there we sat chatting the rest of the already short evening away.  Tammy was wise and headed to bed at a semi reasonable hour - but Noreen was up for chatting and since we had no heat in our room, neither Stacey or I was in a hurry to leave the warmth of the fire side!

It was amazing how God blessed the time the three of us spent together - for only knowing each other for a few short hours, we could see that this was a divine meeting.  I don't want to say much but just that God had placed Stacey and I there to be a comfort, encouragement and light for our new friend.

Oh and don't worry, we got our 'soul food' from the speaker and she (as in He) had much to whip us into shape about - so it was amazing that we got the opportunity both to do His work as well as to be chastised - He's good like that!  I'll talk more on that in part three!

One of the neat light fixtures!

So we eventually made it into bed, buried under our piles of blankets and talked some more - and some where in the wee hours we fell asleep.

The next day brought more delicious food, *sigh* I'm drooling just remembering it all!  Endless coffee and of course our new friends for company.  We sat, chatted and then headed off to the next session.  This is where I got a butt kicking of Spiritual proportion that I am eager....and not so eager to share about....know what I mean!?!

And so, after that session, we met for lunch and was amazing!  They had this squash soup and people....I.DON'T.HAVE.WORDS! It was unbelievable!  Seriously, I know, this weekend was about God...really it was.....I swear! And I really did take a lot away in regards to my spiritual life- BUT the food.....

Okay....I'll try to stop...sooo goooood.....


So yes, after lunch we had free time until supper.  A nice chunk of time to just be.  I fought the urge to give into my body's desire to succumb to a food comma and instead decided a walk would be the better choice!

Stacey and I grabbed our cameras, donned our runners (being so thankful we had stopped back at my house to get mine!) and headed out to explore all the Muskoka beauty up close and personal!

And beautiful it was!  We toured around the resort, taking in the water, the mountains and exploring all that the facilities had to offer.  We then we headed off a little ways down the road and discovered this lovely waterfall nestled in the woods.  We tromped around in there for about an hour and I took serious advantage of the lessons I learned in that 30 Day photo challenge!!

I have oodles of pictures to share from our little excursion but I will save most of them for the third installment - they shall entertain your eyes as I tell of how God spoke to my heart through this weekend.

After our jaunt, we headed in and found a cozy spot to read and sketch by the wood stove.  It wasn't long before the reading and sketching was forgotten and chatting resumed, we had soaked in so much from the mornings session and we just wanted to mull it over with each other.  And then who should find us but our new gal pals.

We spent the remainder of the time, snug and warm by the fire side, chatting away, drinking some of the best flavoured coffee I have ever had and meeting more people.

There was dinner, speaking, more chatting after and finally a semi-decent bed time - in a HEATED room!

The next morning was breakfast, speaking/worship service, lunch and then before we knew it - we were heading back on the road!  But not before one last photo with our much loved new friends.  These gals were certainly a highlight of the weekend and I think we created a friendship for life!  We may not see each other too often and only talk on occasion but we shall always, have Muskoka!

We made the 'goodbyes' quick and surprisingly without tears.  We loaded the car and with one last look over the beauty before us, we were off!

The trip home was pretty smooth....other then when I realized 40 minutes into it, that I had left my wallet back in our room!  We stopped for gas and then found a shorter way back....thanks to Dianne?!?!...we retrieved said wallet, said "Goodbye" to Muskoka again and headed on our long trip home.

We were a little bummed that on neither the way there or home did we see a single moose and we were more then a little un-nerved at the two times we had to abruptly break for deer in our way!  But we made it home - the men were waiting with open arms and safe and sound children!

It was a glorious time and the events of the weekend keep playing out for me!  I would love to go again but we shall was such a wonderful time of rest, renewal and re-connecting!

So that sums up most of the 'activities' of the weekend but I'll be back to post on the actual speaking and worship components from those three days!  Because let me tell you - that's nothing to be forgotten anytime soon!

Blessings to you all!



  1. :) Glad you had so much fun! Breaks like this are so good. They bring back a refreshed Mama to the family.

  2. What an AWESOME weekend! Nothing like God's divine appointments and new friendships he brings to us. That is great.
    All your pics are gorgeous...but I have to say, the last one is simply beautiful. Wow. Looks like a postcard!
    We are celebrating our Thanksgiving next Thursday...looking forward to wonderful food and time with family!


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