Dec 22, 2013

DIY Christmas Stockings - Baby Clothing

I mentioned in my last post that I had thrown into my holiday mix of busyness a little project.  It's an idea I've had for sometime now but I finally put it into action.


For the last six years I have held on to almost every scrap of kids clothing - crazy eh!!?!  I know!  I have given some away and sold off some as well but for the most part - I have all the clothes that my kids have worn.  You see, I had big plans to make my kiddos quilts out of their baby clothes. 

Buuut....after mulling that idea over for a few years and coming to the realization that quilts are big projects, that also require much math and or measuring....I knew the reality of the situation.  I would not be making quilts...because seriously, one would be bad enough....but now I'm looking at the idea of making four...and let's just be real, okay!?

So one fine day, the idea struck me - STOCKINGS!!!  Simple, easy to make, I can keep for years and they would force me to pick out only the essential pieces and let go of the rest of the clothes.  So I began the odious task of sorting through the bins of clothes - now I did have two girls within two years, so for them there was only two big Rubbermaid bins to sift through - not that bad...I must have gave away more then I realized....?!?

After I settled on five piece each - I was also graced with the notion of just buying cheap department store stocking to use as the base/liner.  Save me time and measuring!! (getting the notion of just how much I dislike measuring out things yet? *wink*) 

I cut the top off and set it aside for re-attachment later.  I then found, these cheap stockings, very easy to take apart at the seems.  So with little effort I had the stocking dissected.


And then I began the somewhat heart breaking task of cutting up the clothing.  I had chosen key pieces from the first year of their lives.  An outfit worn home from the hospital, a favourite gifted one, first Christmas sleeper, etc.  I set to work on making stockings for just the girls this year.  Next year I'll make Joe's and the year after I'll make one for the new baby. 

These were surprisingly easy to make!!

So I cut out shapes....and no, of course, I didn't measure anything - I just cut out parts from each piece that I liked and laid them out on the stocking bases.  After I had an arrangement I liked, I pinned them into place and trimmed up the edges.


I decided to sew them with this neat stitch that my machine has, and if I was any kind of sewer/seamstress I would know what it was called...but I'm not!   It's kinda fancy/quilty like - so that, along with baby pink thread was what I decided to use to have the whole piece come together.  And if you are wondering why I left the top bit uncovered, it is because that area will be covered by the 'cuff' of the stocking.

As for sewing...well I just sewed it up however I liked....specific eh....well, I just sewed any visible edges with that funky stitch and left the outer edges unsewn, to be sewn up when I stitched both sides of the stocking together.

So once the front of the stockings were 'quilted' I pinned them together, good side in, and using the same funky stitch - for added strength - I sewed them together.  After turning them right side out, I sewed the cuff back on - and voila!



Aren't they darling??? Well I think so! I'm just so excited that they turned out, even better then I hoped they would!!  I wasn't overly careful in executing these and it was actually pretty fun and they didn't take that long to make at all - I did it, off and on, over a few days...but I'd say it would only take a couple of hours tops to do one!

Close up -Olivia's stocking - with pictures featuring some of her chosen pieces

Close up -Catherine's stocking - with pictures featuring some of her chosen pieces

And so, my little ladies will have their new stockings filled with all kinds of goodies this Christmas morning.  My little man - he can wait until next year!!  And since they were so easy to make (if only I had started earlier! :P ) then I know I can get his done, even with a new baby in the house!
I can't believe how fast the time has flown and that those pictures of my gals are from four and six years ago and that in a few short months there will be another little in our home!  It's crazy!!  And as the final three sleeps before Christmas lay before me and my list of things to do is winding down, I hope to stop and savoury all the time I can!
Because before I know it, these little of mine will be big, grown and with families of their own.  And each year I'll be pinning for days of gingerbread houses, snow fun, zipping up jackets, toys strewed about and the singing of "Jingle Bells" for all the world to hear!  I will pull out these stockings each year and be reminded of these precious days but also I will then bask in the beautiful people they have become.

Enjoy the season and relish in the moments you have.  Each are precious and each hold the potential for wonderful memories - big or little! 
Blessings to you all this Christmas!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE it!! and bummer - now I'm sad I've done what you didn't. And that is to have passed EVERYTHING on ... seriously. I couldn't this if I wanted to.

    I really like how they've turned out...
    You could sell these - you know?

  2. That's a wonderful idea!
    They are fabulous!
    You have beautiful children!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. So so adorable!! Merry Christmas friend.

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