Dec 24, 2013

Last Minute Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas eve morning everyone!  The joyous day is almost upon us! 
I arose early this morning, the sky yet dark and decided to start the coffee.  With hubby off for a half day of work and the kids, well other then the boy, still in bed -  I had a few moments, while he chased the cat around, to sit and share some of  last minute activities we enjoyed!


In this part of the globe we just had a mini ice storm - it wasn't terrible for us here - we didn't even loose power but the roads were bad enough that they cancelled church!  So my hubby - wise, thoughtful man that he is, had on the Friday, brought home one of those preassembled gingerbread houses for us to decorate.


So as the ice rained down outside, we were snug and warm in our home.  The wood furnace burning heartily, Christmas carols doling out from the stereo and us enjoying this simple family time!


Earlier in the week, we had been delighted and entertained by our daughter's school Christmas concert!  It was adorable!!  Classic kids concert and I loved every minute of it!


Even Joe enjoyed watching his sisters...when we could get him to sit still long enough!


And yes, I even enjoyed and was the proud momma of my youngest girl, who decided it would be a good idea to remove her socks and pick out the lint between her toes as she was waiting to deliver her lines.


And with all the fun and commotion the socks were abandoned, left on the stage as the show continued!  It was great - Dave and I laughed so hard - it would be our Catherine to steal the show like that!


She wore tights to the evening performance!



And so, well...the kiddos are up and clambering around me wanting food -so I will wrap this up.  Just as pretty and carefully as all the parcels I have wrapped this last couple of days...or maybe it's just as hastily, because I had left that job so late this year!

Family will be here tonight and then again on Boxing day.  We have no where to go and no one coming tomorrow and I'm very excited about that!  We will lounge all day in new Christmas eve pajamas, eating our homegrown bacon for breakfast and having much loved finger food for supper!


And so I pray that you are all richly blessed as you celebrate the greatest gift ever given!  May peace, love and joy be abundant to you and yours!




  1. Hahhahaa!! I'm laughing so hard there are tears.. That is way too adorable. Oh boy!! pulling lint from between the toes..

    Kaitlin - would you and your family continue to KNOW the peace that comes through Jesus this Christmas Season. Your days ahead sound wonderful. ((I'm a little panicked today - here!)) But, it will get done what needs to get done..

    Yumm, enjoy that bacon!

    PS: we do Christmas Eve jammies. too! :)

  2. We so loved having you all last Saturday. The concert was wonderful. I got to cuddle the Joe boy and watch the granddaughters perform. Doesn't get any better than that. Enjoy your lovely festive home and have a wonderful Christmas. Catherine says you can't eat the gingerbread house because it is made of smelly wood. Olivia laughed and set her straight.

  3. Haha! I love that you took pictures of her with her fingers between her toes. During a Christmas concert (which I must say I do not remember because I was about 2), I laid on my back and kicked my feet in the air for joy and say something like, "I funny girl". My grandmother will never let me live that one down. I'm glad that I don't have pictures of it since my mom was at the piano and it was before the days of digital cameras.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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