Feb 21, 2014

Rock On - DIY Recovered Rocker

A week ago I snagged this lovely glider rocker for a mere $40!! Complete with foot stool!!  I was very happy!! I have wanted one for years!  Now, I do actually have one - but it's older, wood, without a foot stool and it's in Joe's room.  So when I saw this gem, I was all over it!

I wanted to get one for when our fourth little arrives.  Dave still snuggles Joe each night in the rocker we currently have - (also a second hand find...maaany years ago now!) and so I knew I couldn't steal his! 
Also the one in Joseph's room is natural wood...and well...I prefer white.  I love white trim, white cupboards, white cribs, white appliances - it's just my go to 'colour' for these types of things.  So when my eyes befell this $40 glider I knew I had to have it....the only issue...the fabric!


So...there's nothing wrong with teddy bears...but they just aren't me...and they certainly were out of place in my living room!  And low, I had already Pinned a tutorial of sort on recovering one of these babies!

The tutorial I followed was more of a guideline - my kind of project - she told me what I needed and the rough idea of how to do it.  No real measuring, just grab yourself three meters of fabric and trace the cushions, giving you your pattern, sew, flip, done! 

Or something along those lines...at least that's what I did!

It was pretty simple and only took me a few hours...but that's with ample coffee breaks, chats with my hubby and kids - who were all home due to inclement weather - and other distractions! But I got her done, I did and I love it!!

And hubby and my boy helped me a bit too! 


They removed and reassembled the foot rest so I could recover it.  Adorableness, that little man of mine, getting his hands on some of daddy's tools for the first time!! He was all over 'helping'!!

He cried when Dave had to eventually take the screw driver away!! 
And so, I now have a nice rocker all set up in the living room - finally something ready for this little one.  I had originally thought to put it in our bedroom - but that is where I just, groggily, nurse my babies in the wee hours - but the living room is where I can snuggle them all the day long and be with my other littles too. 
So the living room is the new home for this treasure!

And...with it set up and ready, I'm itching to get more things done and prepared for the coming of our newest addition!  You'd think with this being baby number four, we'd be more prepared...but we're not.  I still have to sort through clothes, make space in our room, get a crib or something for this little one to sleep in and finalize on some names!

I do have some time yet - but I've been so crazy with nesting already...it's kinda driving me crazy...and tiring me out...but I want to and need to get some things done!  My creative juices are a flowing lately and I'm enjoying the time I can put into these various projects.

I think it's partly because when Joe was born a year and a half ago - we had JUST moved in and nothing, and I mean nothing, was settled in the house!! It was kinda crazy!! We still had oodles of boxes to unpack, rooms to paint, things to sort though and well it was just a tad un-nerving!

So this time around, we will have been here just over two years and it feels more and more like home!  It's all coming together and order is finally setting in!  Dave and I aren't extremely organized people, it takes a lot of work for us to get there....a lot of God work!! But He has been changing us over the years - this blog can attest to that!! And I love how things feel when the house, and thus our belonging are in place!  So I hope to putter away at that, over the coming months and be settled and ready for the arrival of this sweet blessing.

And because I'm a fair momma...I didn't want my other favourite chair to feel out of place - I bought her, her own new pillow! 

I'm thoughtful like that!!



  1. Lovely! Dave's Pake (grandfather) had a chair like that and he would rock the grandbabies when they were over. Your little one will love being cuddled there with the siblings all around!

  2. Love it, you did a great job!! Poor teddies...they never had a chance...but I would have to say the new fabric is an improvement ;) It's such a great feeling to find a steal and make it lovely, isn't it? And I adore that new orange cushion with your wall colour.

  3. Umm, yumm!! that last picture there. LOVE IT!

    Can't wait to sit in it - one day!

  4. what a great find and at a great price! You made it look so pretty. I love the pillow in your big chair. It is beautiful.

    ♥Lee Ann


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