Feb 6, 2014

So It Happened Again...

...I got older!


It seems to be an annual thing! 

So yes, I had my birthday this past Monday.  I'm not big on birthdays, not because I don't like to 'age' - because you know, they say birthdays are good for you, the more you have the longer you live!


So yes, well my mom was never big on birthdays when I was growing up - I mean having three kids with deep winter Birthdays - what ARE you to do with them??  And so I just never got used to the idea of parties, or big shin-digs or what have you!

But my hubby - he was gooood this year!  On.his.game!!  Because....as terrible as it may sound....I like....no, I LOVE to shop!!! 

I do!

It's true!!

It's taking me a number of years to realize this - but you know those questions where they say things like, "What is your dream weekend get away?" or "You find a $100, what would you do?"  Well...yeah....I tend to always pick shopping! 

And I think if you met me...you'd be surprised at that!

But it's true!  Now, I don't shop often...rarely in fact...and I have to be in the right mood to do it - but when I do - oh I do!!!  I'm an all day event shopping kind of girl!! And if there be bargains, well!

SOOoooo for my birthday this year, my dear hubby did not invite people over but instead, took the day off, so I could go with my BFF and go SHOPPING!!!!

How fun!

He set the budget but I had free limit of time!

So on the Friday before my birthday, my BFF and I took off on an all day shopping excursion! And oh we had fun!  And the sales people! THE SALES!!!! We must have hit the best sales weekend around because EVERYWHERE we went there were incredible deals!!

God was blessing my birthday fun - it sure seemed like!

So staying in budget I scored some great things - like, SHOES!!! 


Both pairs were only $35 WITH TAX!!!! 


I got some other goodies too, candles, hand soaps, nursing bra, and a snazzy dress shirt for my hubby!  (cause he was so good to me to let me go all day!) ALL this for well under $90!!!

It was great!

Now I just have to wait for these mounds of snow to melt and Spring to come so I can dawn these shoes and head on out!

And so my birthday actually stretched over the whole weekend - which was fun!  We did simple, family things and it was lovely!! The weather on my actual Birthday - was monumental!! I mean, for all the years I've been around it has always, and I mean always, been terrible!! Ice storm, snow storm, horrible weather!! But this year - there was sunshine!! Glorious, lovely sunshine!! And crazy mild temperatures!!  It even got above zero, which is unheard of for my day!!  And so, partially because I'm crazy and partially because when the sun is shining, I feel like I can take on the world, my hubby and I had the notion to re-arrange the kitchen!  So we tore it apart and spent the day, re-organizing it!

And it's so much better now!

My poor kitchen, it's not only the 'heart of the home' but the major work horse of it too!

It's the kitchen, the eating area, the entrance way, basement access point (which we use all day in the winter to load wood into our furnace) pantry entrance and second staircase entry point!  Phew - there's a lot that happens here!  Thankfully it's a big room - but not quite so big once you load all these others into it!

So anyways, we condensed and streamlined the 'mudroom' part of it.  Removed a large counter/cabinet from the pantry and turned it into an island/peninsula to gain on counter space and to help define the kitchen prep area from the eating, entry way area and well the whole thing is just coming together nicely!

But of course...this means I will have to paint!


OH and what did Kaitlin do for her birthday last year, you ask??  Well, yes, remember if you will...I painted my kitchen! HA!!!  And no...*sheepish grin*...NOT the colour it is right now...because since my last birthday I painted my kitchen again!  I'm terrible!!  But I don't plan on actually changing the colour...at least not much - so it should be a quick job - mostly just covering up spots that were damaged when we took down shelves and coat hooks to re-arrange.

So apparently getting older is an annual thing but so is re-doing my kitchen!!


Hopefully I'll get it right this time and can live with it!  That is...until we build a mud room!

And so my day was rounded out quite nicely with a practically gourmet meal made by my hubby!! Cheesy Havarti mashed potatoes, steamed Brussels sprouts and a perfectly done butter garlic, strip loin steak!!  Finished off with a homemade "Ah Caramel" inspired cake!!

He's good to me, that man!

I'm blessed with another year under my belt, gaining some wisdom, humility and even a few wrinkles!  I look forward to the coming one - with each day, the time spent with those I love, for adventures that await and for all God has planned for me! 

Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me all the days of my life,
and I shall dwell in
the house of the Lord forever.
Psalm 23:6



  1. Older but lovelier :) And I love your shoes and the progress of your kitchen!

  2. Nice shoes! Nice to have known you another year longer! Every year you become more dear to me! Might say you are 'growing' on me. Heh heh. Glad my son is being good to you. God bless you with many more years! Love, MAG


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