Mar 10, 2014

Fatigue and Family Fun

So I have been meaning to get a post up for well over a week now!  At first I struggled with not really having much to say....  Well...actually I do have lots I want to say...but the truth is - by the end of the day, I'm spent!

Well...that has been the case...until these last few days.  Up until this past weekend - I was more then done once the sun had set....heck...I was more then done by say, 2:00pm! 

I'm still finding that I have a real lull at that time of day - but if I just take a break and relax, I can catch my second wind - one that now seems to be filling my sails late into the evening!

And that wind is filling these sails to a point that many a projects that were on my 'list' are getting crossed off and rapidly!  It's very much a strong nesting feeling....but I still have about 11 weeks left to go....!

I have found this pregnancy to be much more exhausting then my other ones - be it that I'm older, or have more kiddos to manage or what have you - it's been a real energy struggle these past few months. 

But oh....I am excited for this little one to come - to breath in that new baby smell, to hold that unreal small bundle in my arms, for sweet new born snuggles, to finally meet this wee person and gaze at a miracle in the flesh!

It's a tad unreal to think that we will be the parents of four children this year!!  I love it and can be, on occasion, overwhelmed by it!!  But I see who these sweet people are that God has already blessed us with and I'm overjoyed and crazy excited to add to our family and get to know this newest addition!

And family is something we have really been relishing in as of late!  Playing games, Lego building, movie watching, snowman making, quiet cuddling....just soaking up all the little moments and enjoying the blessing of spending quality time together! 

Including the sharing of the stomach flu!


But all is well now, everyone is feeling good and we plan on enjoying our two week March break. And even though there is still mounds of snow out there, I know Spring is a coming and I anxiously await it's arrival - for it brings many good things! 



  1. Love these pictures :) And praying God continues to uphold you and gives you much grace to get you through the tiring days!

  2. Nice pictures. I looked twice at the bottom two because looking at Dave, I thought they were the same. Then I realized, different kids. :) Enjoy your March break.

  3. THis is my third pregnancy, not my fourth, but I think having more little ones to chase around while you are pregnant definitely makes it more tiring! I've been more worn out this time around as well.

  4. Thinking of you - as you soak it all up.

    I am not prego and could pass for it by the way I'm feeling. ZAPPED!!!!!!!!!

    A mega head cold/with a touch of that Lyme Disease feeling...

    Lovely combo... don'cha think?

    (sigh) Unfortunately, my to do list is NOT getting crossed off as fast.

    Love, love, love your photos..

  5. Buck up butter cup!!!!! Spring is coming, babies are coming and releshing in all things alive and new!!!! Can't wait to meet gerky humfried hefolump!!!! God is your strength rely on Him and He will NEVER let you down sweet momma!

  6. This is so fun... I've pulled your blog up online so that we can see your lovely faces while talking on the phone. This way our first phone call has an official time stamp... hee hee!!


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