Mar 25, 2014

Spring Brings...

March has been a wonderfully busy month - busy in many good ways, fun, exciting ways!  Also it has been riddled with illness but seriously who hasn't been down with the flu around these parts!?!? It's been awful - I don't know anyone who hasn't been hit with it in some form or another!

But anyways - back to the fun, exciting, good things!

First there was my sister-in-laws baby shower! No, not the same one as last time - the Fall Tea Party Baby Shower, sister-in-law - though she IS due any day now with her second baby!  But my other sweet sister of my hubby.  My SIL Chrissy is due in a few weeks with their first baby!

So a few of us got together and threw her a Spring themed baby shower...lets not mention the 6 inches of snow that fell later that same day...we were being hopeful!  It was a lovely day just the same!

There was food, games, family, friends, gifts galore, and oodles upon oodles of coffee!! 

It was such a nice time and the snow didn't actually start to fly until, thankfully, after the guests had gone home!  I'm excited to meet both of my sisters-in-laws' little ones - both baby genders are unknown (as well as ours...but WE wanted to find out! :P lol!)  I have my thoughts on what each lady will have...but only time will tell!

Speaking of time - well the first day of Spring came which means my second little is now FIVE!!!  Yes, my sweet, silly Catherine is five years old!!  And since my kiddos had a nice two week March break - she was home to celebrate! 

And celebrate we did!

Her birthday was drawn out over three days.  We didn't do anything particularly big but just sweet, simple family fun.  My hubby had to work on her actual day but her Granny, an Aunt and a cousin were out to visit.  The following day was a Grandma, another Aunt and cousin for supper and cake.  Then the Saturday, where we got to spend the more snow fell....with just us!

I made her a white cake with strawberry shortcake and chocolate icing, topped with strawberry 'roses'.  It was pretty tasty!!  There were crafty, creative and fun gifts, oodles of balloons and all around I think she had a fantastic Fifth birthday!

Hard to believe my second little is now five!! She's such a quick whip and a giggly, silly, super sweet, loving little girl!!  She certainly has a servant heart and is quick on the hugs and kisses!  She adores colouring, playing board games and being silly!

Catherine is a beautiful blessing and we pray God's continual presence and guidance in her life!  May she always be the sweetheart that she is and may her joy continue to shine for Him!! 

And so Spring thus far has brought fun and flurries...but the weather forecast says warmer days are ahead...and so I hold to that!  I have oodles of projects I have been working on and what to share with you....I just have to sit down long enough to get them up on here!

But I will try - I feel myself having to slow down and I'm in the last two months before this newest little one arrives - so best to rest while I can....or not....oh and we finally got that pantry of mine cleaned out - OH how fantastic that feels...and looks!!

Things are coming together nicely for the arrival of this baby and I very much look forward to meeting our wee one!! The anticipation of knowing if it's a girl or a boy is killing me slightly though...but I guess...practicing patience is never a bad thing...right?



  1. Nice sunshiny post on a rather dreary looking day. God has blessed me with such adorable grandkids. When I see them here, I want to drive right over and hug them. Have a blessed day. Love, MAG

  2. What a lovely shower you threw!! You are all around amazing! You know that?

    Now wonder you go to bed "like a truck". Tired and Exhausted. HA!! HA!!

    Oh my...I crack myself up.

    Again, what a lovely post.

  3. I love those strawberry roses, such an amazing cake! And Catherine's face when she's opening her gifts, cute!!


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