Mar 30, 2014

You'd Think I Was About to Have a Bird!

That's how bad I have been nesting!!!


The past three weeks have had me go, go, going!! I'm barely sleeping and hardly sitting and it's not showing much sign of slowing down!

So far I have completed:
  • 2 nursing covers (neither of which is for I guess I best get on that!)
  • 3 double sided bibs (a gift)
  • recovered a rocking chair
  • painted two side tables
  • refinished our coffee table (pics to come in another post!)
  • repotted a plant
  • helped host a baby shower
  • cleaned out and organized our pantry (with help form hubby!!!)
  • sorted through four totes of baby clothes (again with help from hubby)
  • organized our bedroom and set it up for baby (and yes...with hubby's help - I apparently am keeping him nesting too! ;) lol!)
  • sewed two pillows
  • kept up on the laundry (that's monumental people!)
  • sewed a stuff animal (another gift)
  • cleaned places that I have never cleaned before!

And in added prep for this little ones arrival, I have taken to preparing meals and snacks ahead of time - to make easier those early days with a new born and feeding my family...

So for the freezer I have thus far made:
  • 4 loaves of banana bread
  • 24 muffins
  • 4 dozen cookies
  • 2 Shepard pies
  • 4 crock pot pulled pork meals
  • 2 sausages in cream sauce meals
  • 13 hamburgers

The first two weeks, of this mad nesting, had me barely pausing for a break!  But this last week, I find the desire is there to keep busy but my stamina is just not matching! And by 2:00 in the afternoon, I am wiped! I have been crashing for the occasional nap - lasting an hour or more! 

It's kinda crazy how this feeling haunts the point that the other day I was taking all three kiddos into town to visit a friend, with plans to get groceries after, when I found myself packing up my sewing machine to bring along...just so I could work on something while I visited!  I made myself stop and put it away - but it was hard to just sit all day!  I've since been visiting with a few other people and each time, I find the impulse to be working on something to be quite strong!

I've never nested like this before!


And so call me crazy but I just can't help myself....even as I type this, my mind is racing on the various tasks I should be completing....

But along with the busyness is a fair amount of discomfort and pain!!  I'm not complaining but it is tiring!  But ironically...or maybe thankfully - I hurt most after I have been sitting for any real period of time - so this keeping busy is easier on my pain it has it advantages...even if I'm so tired these days that full thoughts...or sentences even...are hard to formulate!

I do feel good overall - a little amazed that I have two months still to go...and then a little amazed that I only have two months still to go!

And well...I guess I should get busy...things are awaiting...a few more projects that I am itching to get done and well...sleep - there is always sleep calling me....if I could just stop long enough!



  1. So, you did stay up and write after all, didn't you?

    Good post. I know after we talked I thought about it how much you were saying "you've been so busy"... this gives "face" to the time you've put in. WOW!! I see something pink!! They look great in there... those canisters! ;)

    Amazing. I've said once, I'll say it again. Amazing!! That you are.

    Good chatting with you...
    last night. After hanging up and Scott and I attempting to wrap things up.. Jayne woke up, still feverish! and well... another long night took place.

    She is better (somewhat) this morning...and crawled up onto my lap as I opened your post. She said "pretty"... when seeing your room. I KNOW.

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that paint color - on the wall.

  2. You are crazy busy alright! Good for you. Everything looks so lovely. And your talent amazes me!


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