Apr 15, 2014

A Lovely Ladies Tea

A couple of weeks ago - my bff, Stacey, and I hosted a ladies tea for the women of our church.  It was suppose to be a mother and daughter tea...as we figured most women there fell into one of those categories but in the end we opened it up to a bring a friend...or not...tea!

So she and I set to work, scheming and planning our little soiree.  We had collaborated once already in the fall for a ladies fellowship recipe exchange...but the turnout for that was less then encouraging!  This time around we were still a little downhearted as the RSVP date drew near and we only had six ladies confirmed. 
Now, just so you know - in all fairness, we do attend a rather small church say..100-120 people or somewhere around there - but still - we know the ladies and we expected more! 
But we were patient and as the day drew near more and more women were signing up and even on the day of, we had a few last minuters - in the end we had a total of around 26 woman!
So Stacey and I got busy!  Preparing food, getting decorations and organizing supplies for our craft!   


We wanted this little 'event' to mostly be about getting the ladies out and fellowshipping with each other...but seeing as both Stacey and I are crafty people...(take that as you will! *wink* lol!) we thought that having an activity for the woman, might be nice.

After scouring the local craft store, with another gal pal in tow, we settled on the idea of decorating wooden picture frames.


So the day came...and so did the rain but that didn't dampen our spirits!  The ladies arrived and seemed eager and excited!  There was delicious goodies, an ample assortment of teas, juice and coffee, soft music and lovely decorations.

Most of the women brought a friend and a few came solo - but there was plenty of conversation and good times to be had by all who came!  I had brought my own little ladies to enjoy the day with me.  They were good helpers and I think they felt special joining mommy at a ladies event! 


So all in all it was a really nice way to spend an afternoon!  We got to enjoy wonderful company, eat delicious goodies and be creative - my kind of day!  Even for many of the woman, who might not consider themselves crafty, seem to have a good time with the activity and honestly, I was greatly impressed with what each woman produced!!

Since is was such a great response, Stacey and I are excited and in the works on planning our next event...though I'm thinking it won't be until the fall...long after this little one is born and life has settled into a routine again....hopefully!

Speaking of little ones - the end of March and the beginning of April brought the blessings of a niece and a nephew! My sisters in law had their babies!!  First, Stephanie had her sweet baby girl, Miriam Sophia at the end of March - you can sneak a peek here.  And then my sister-in-law Chrissy, who's baby shower we just hosted a few weeks ago had her first baby - a son, Luke Justice - born just four days after Miriam. 


Now, that just leaves me waiting for our little one to make an appearance!  Just a few more weeks to go!



  1. Oh beautiful.


    (once again!)

    I wish I could have been there. But, I already know - KNOW - what you're going to say about that.

    Love you.

  2. It was a lovely tea. I enjoyed making the frame too. Nice to spend time with other Christian sisters. You and Stacey did a great job.

  3. You ladies did such a great job planning and hosting this event! Oh, and I love the springy new header for your blog...it made me remember to tell you that I took the snowflakes down out of my window last week, you should be proud ;)

  4. I believe we make a good team, but it was really the ladies that made the event happen! Without them there would have been no tea!!!! Bevy, I have heard many beautiful and wonderful things about you and your family and would encourage you greatly to try and make it to our next one! I would love to meet you!


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