Apr 6, 2014

DIY Refinished Coffee Table

I mentioned in my previous post (here) that in all of my nesting - one of the projects I completed was refinishing our coffee table.  And so I have come good....because it seems I often forget to do these things...and I am posting about that now!

This is a project that has been on my mind for some time but I never got around to doing it.  We bought this antique table off of Kijiji a few years ago when we needed a dining room table.  We liked the character and charm but since owning it, our little family has grown some and it was just a tad small to seat us.  So deciding to chop the legs off one day, it became our coffee table.

So I took our nice...but somewhat drab coffee table and decided to give it some funk!

And in my often true fashion...I did not stop long enough to take photos of the actual process! sorry!  But I can say, it was pretty easy and I basically did it all myself! My sweet David did help me sand it because he's nice like that - but then I just went at it.

We sanded the top by hand, we could have used a small palm sander or something like that but it was going to take off too much of the top and we only really wanted to remove the old finish.  So with the two of us at it, it was short work.

If you really wanted to do it "right" then I would say, sand everything you want to paint...but I hate that part and so I just sanded the top and primed the legs of the table with a good, stick to everything, primer. (there has been a small bit of 'damage' to the legs so far - but meh, that's fine with me but if that's the kind of thing that would bother you - then I say sand away!)

So after the top was sanded and the legs primed - I put two coats of my choice of colour on the bottom.  I picked up those sample size jars of paint from the local box hardware store - I didn't need much and thought this would be the best way to save some money - and as usual, I picked my colour from Martha Stewarts' line of colours! (I LOVE her colours...but I don't use her actual paint - I find me a sale and colour match!!!)

The legs and skirt got their paint and then I set to work on the top.  I originally was going to use a stencil but decided in the end to just free hand it....mostly because I couldn't settle on a stencil I liked, and because I didn't want to pay the ridiculous price of those for a one use time and because my BFF said to just do it!  So I did!

I was very happy with how it turned out...except not 100% happy...I looked over my scroll work and found that it was just jumping out too much.  So even though my hubby assured me it looked lovely - I took the sandpaper to my hard, hand done swirls.


Okay...well...what I mean is - it was now exactly the look I had wanted!!  The painted bits no longer jumped out at you but became a part of the overall look!  With that done and looking lovely, I threw on a couple of coats of (water based) varathane and voila - a funtastic coffee table!

I am super happy with it and love that personal touch it now has.  I find that, as we are coming up on two years here, that I am looking for more and more projects that are really solidifying that this house is our home! 
Which means - that's right - the kitchen is up next!


  1. I love the table. It looks great. Your whole room looks cozy and inviting!

  2. Whaaahhh!! I LOVE it ... and you didn't tell me you did this - this morning. So, how is the kitchen coming along..?

    Can't wait to show my hubby your creativity in this coffee table idea. Wowzers!! By the way... I say all of that because I told him about the paint conversation, this morning, and the names of paint, etc. how they matter and he just shook his head...at you! lol!

    I'll say it again. You're amazing.


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