Apr 25, 2014

Sections of Spring

Wow...it's the 25th of April...crazy!  One month until my due date with this little one - well the final due date...not the my opinion due date...by my calculations this little bun should be baked by the middle of May - but what do I know?!


So...the plan for this baby's arrival will be a scheduled c-section.  I meet with the surgeon next week to set the date but I think, according to my midwife, we are looking at the 21st of May for this babe's arrival.  Twenty seven days away!

I had made the attempt to go for a v-bac with my last little man - but in the end, after coming very close, we decided to go for a section - and so...my dear hubby, my midwife and I contemplated what this pregnancy would bring - and after much prayer (hubby and I) we feel that it is best to schedule a section.

I'm a little anxious about the pending surgery - I know I've been there three times already but still...it's a bit nerve wracking to submit oneself to major surgery and then add a new born to the recovery of it!

But I do know that I have my God to carry me through it all!  He has never let me down and He will be with me, each step of the way.  Praise be to Him! 

It is the Lord who goes before you.
He will be with you;
He will not leave you or forsake you.
Do not fear or be dismayed.
Deuteronomy 31:8

And so I fill my days with various things - the craze of nesting is long past now and I'm in full on exhausted mode!  I function only on afternoon naps and coffee! I've slowed down immensely and I'm just trying to squeeze in a few visits and a couple of last minute projects while time and energy allow.

But I'm enjoying these Spring days.  This whole season feels very familiar as it was just about this time two years ago that we moved here and I was well...about this pregnant then with out third baby.  I'm excited about the up coming parental leave for my hubby and for a summer of sweet, sweet family time. 

I'm still amazed that we are expecting our fourth baby!!  And because this one has remained a secret...it's still driving me crazy that we don't know if we are going to even out the numbers or add again to the girl's 'team'! ;)


But other then that, the days are just moving along.  Life is full and busy but sweet and simple too - I soak in these days for you never know....

Spring is in full force here; longer days, lovely sunsets, rain, chickens running free, kids at play, oodles of mud and buds on the trees.  It's bliss, especially after this winter from...terribleness...that we had!


This is the first baby we are expecting where in we are not heavy in the middle of either major renovations or moving.  It's the first baby where I have just been able to basically focus on the arrival of this little and prepare for him or her....and it's strange! lol!! 
And well...it appears to be getting late and...my nap and caffeine are about to wear off, so best to wrap this up.  The weekend brings a much anticipated wedding - of our neighbour's son - it will be a very joyous occasion but also bitter sweet!  I see so much of where I will be in time and my heart hurts for my friend as she watches her 'baby boy' be wed!  The days, they go so fast!  They are all happy and excited for this new chapter and I feel blessed to be able share in it with them!
Next week my hubby turns old, like me, and then the following week marks 10 years of marriage!  We have some plans, nothing elaborate but sweet and simple, they way we like it - the blessing of spending time alone together!
Now to just arrange some sitters!

And yes...shortly after that, this little one is scheduled to make it's appearance!  A few busy weeks and then nothing but family fun and baby snuggles - Oh, how I look forward to it all!  But no, I won't rush it - I'm learning - these days...they do so fly by! 
Blessings to you all!


  1. {contented sigh}
    I am so glad you decided to stay put and actually get to enjoy this season - the way it was meant to be enjoyed. SLOW.ly.

    (now that you're done nesting...)

    LOVE these farm and family photos. Especially that last one of the barn...all pretty. I say it again. YOU'RE AN AMAZING! photographer... and well, can't wait to learn a thing or two from you - "sometime" whenever that may be.

    Happy Birthday - Dave!! I know it's the 30th. (discovered the daisy post) :)

    This post felt like a phone convo. I almost called again tonight. But - as it reads - we both need, NEED our rest.

    Thanks for your sweet friendship.
    So fun getting to know you better over these past few weeks.

  2. Birthday, anniversary, baby - so much going on! It's exciting :) And it will be so great for you guys to just settle in and enjoy each other and baby very soon! Love all your pictures, as usual.

  3. Babysitting? Oooh. Pick me! I love your beautiful farm. It brings back so many memories since I spent my first 7 years just a couple of miles away. I love living in town but there is something about a day in the country that stirs the soul! Praying for you as the time for this next little one draws near. Love, Mag.

  4. Just revisiting this post. I love love love the expression on Joe's face when he is chasing the chickens. What a sweetheart.


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