May 26, 2014

Then there were SIX!

Our little family has grown again!!  So was it a boy or a girl....well...

On Wednesday May 21st, we welcomed Alice Grace to our family!

The section went well - a small moment where things got a bit harry as my blood pressure dropped drastically but with a very skilled anesthesiologist by my side, things righted quickly.  Alice was born just before nine a.m. and crying heartily!!!

And true to all my kiddos she is no "little" baby - weighing 9lbs 1oz and 21.25 inches long!!  But honestly - she feels amazingly small to me!

Even though this was my fourth C-section there were some new 'perks' at the hospital.  For the first time ever baby stayed in the O.R. with me.  My hubby got to hold her right after he cut the umbilical cord and they both remained by my side for the completion of the surgery.

When everything was all done, they passed my sweet baby to me and wheeled her and I into recovery.  There, with the help of my fantastic midwife, I was able to begin breastfeeding.  And what a little champ my Alice is at that!  We spent two nights in the hospital and overall my recovery has been going smoothly!

. .

We came home to settle in with four kiddos.  The girls and Joe had made a big welcome home banner with my mom and her husband!  We got to enjoy it for a few hours before we had to bring it in and save it from the rain.


The girls, so far, are pretty excited and smitten with Alice!  They were a bit overwhelmed at the hospital - so much so that when they went back to school to tell their teacher and class mates about their new sister - they thought she was bald and they had forgotten her name! LOL!!  But now at home, they come in each morning while I'm changing her to say "Good morning!" and give her a kiss!


Joseph is adjusting well too - mind you it hasn't even been a week yet - but having daddy home I think is helping a lot!  Joe's biggest concern so far is that the baby might steal his cars!!  But other then that, he's being a big help.  He'll get out diapers for us, throw out the used ones and even fold up her change mat and put it away. 

She is, so far, a fantastic sleeper!!  Averaging three to six hour stretches at a time!  Right now, even through I never planned on it, she is sleeping with us - but let me tell you - it is some pretty good sleep!  Best I've had in months!  And this little one, sprawled out on my chest, nestled in and sleeping so soundly - well...even though I'd love her to be in her own bed, I can't help but adore this precious and fleeting time!! 

My "old friend" thrush, reared it's ugly head on about day three!  It is no fun, I tell you!!  It turned a sweet, lovely time of cuddles and loving, into one of the most painful things I have ever experienced!!!  BUT, again - my most amazing and supportive midwife has come to our rescue and we are working through it - already things are getting better!

I am soaking in so much of these baby days.  I find myself lingering longer at feedings, keeping my feet up, saying no to visitors and the phone even! It's why, in the night, as she settles against my chest, her fuzzy head just inches from my, ever kissing her, lips and I breathe in her sweet baby smell, I feel utterly at peace!

I am thankful that Dave is home to help with the other three Sweets that we have - so that they too are receiving much needed attention but also to free me up to really absorb these precious moments.  I think I'm finally realizing just how fast these newborn days will be gone and honestly just how special and wonderful they truly are!


I am extremely thankful to and humbled by our God - for this amazing blessing!!  She truly is!! Such a miracle in the flesh!  Our fifth pregnancy, fourth baby, here, in our care for all the days God grants us together.  I am smitten with her, she has stolen our hearts already and I am excited and overjoyed to watch our family grow together!

And you shall rejoice in all the good
that the Lord your God
has given to you and to your house...
Deuteronomy 26:11a


May 20, 2014

Today and Tomorrow

Well the day is almost here - tomorrow baby number four will make it's appearance!  So I'm trying to decide how to best spend this last day - resting and saving up my energy for the surgery tomorrow or clean, clean, clean!

So far I have done a bit of both - played cars with my boy, drank some coffee, cleaned the bathroom as I gave Joe his bath, swept and moped the kitchen, tidied various rooms and even trimmed my hair.

Trying to squeeze as much as I can out of this day!

Joe is eating an early lunch right now and then I think I shall try to nap when he does.  I see many other tasks that I could complete but I'm pretty tired and I know that the coming days will be draining as best to let the dust lay where it is and put my feet up for just a bit.

It's really surreal, this fourth Little of ours ready to make it's self known!  We are more then prepared in many ways - a first out of four kiddos.  My bag is packed, we have food ready galore, family and friends lined up for kid sitting, house cleaned, lawn mowed, baby clothes washed and sorted, diapers bought - we are as ready as we're going to be!

I had wondered many times if the dates would be wrong and this wee one would arrive much earlier then anticipated...but no, it looks like this babe will be coming right on schedule!  So I eagerly await the arrival of tomorrow, all the while soaking in life just as it is....

No, I don't often do a pregnancy shot or share it - but I realized I hadn't really gotten any shots of me with this Little - so Dave captured one the other day.  I laughed when I saw how big I really am - perspective is everything, isn't it!?! lol!!!   I've been looking down at this bump and just didn't seem so large....but it is! 

Not surprising, as we usually have big babies and not surprising as I have absolutely no lap left!

I'm both nervous and excited for tomorrow!!  Nervous to be entering newborn territory again, nervous for the surgery and recovery and nervous for those early adjustment days.  But I am so excited to finally meet this baby, exited to learn if we will have another boy or a third girl, excited to see another blessing in the flesh and super excited to hold, breath in and savour a new little gift from heaven!


And so friends - Joe is done his lunch and it's time to play and snuggle before nap time - I leave you all for the next few days.  I thank you in advanced for prayers, they will be greatly appreciated!  I can't wait to come back and post of our newest little one and have pictures to share with you all!

Until then - blessings to you all and much love!



May 14, 2014

1♥ Years T♥gether!

It came, it went - it was much like our wedding day - greatly anticipated and then over before we knew it! 


10 years married now!

And much like our wedding day - it was a simple and sweet time!   We sent the kiddos away and for the first time in.... eight years...we had the house to ourselves - for a whole 24 hour period!

So with the girls staying with friends and our boy-o at the neighbours, my sweet hubby packed us a picnic lunch and we hit the road!

For those of you who 'know' me - either on here or in person - you know how much Dave and I love road trips - and well, with me being so close to having this Little - a full on road trip was out of the question, but a day of Antiquing - well that suit us just right!

Our first stop was a place we hadn't been to in about eight years - mostly because it is pretty much a hoarder house and there is NO way you could bring kids there - I barely fact a few places I didn't fit at all!!  But it's kinda neat to see....but sadly way over-priced!! 

We then traveled many a roads to find various antique and curios shops, stopping for our picnic and the...'occasional' bathroom break!  It was a full day - and this pregnant momma was beat by the time we rolled into the drive way!

So hubby got to work on the surprise supper he had planned!  My growing chief I tell you, I might just have to retire for a while!


We set a table outside and though the day had been all sunshine - the evening brought cooler weather and some rain.  We were able to enjoy our dinner on the 'lawn' before the rains came and then we moved our dessert to the porch, listening to the rain falling on the metal roof.


The next morning we, on a whim, decided to hit a few more shops in the area before going to pick up our boy from the neighbours.  After which, I headed to the girls' school to partake in their Mother's Day tea event.  It was such a lovely time and I felt super special!! My little ladies had a poem and a song to share and hand painted flower pots to give to me.  It was adorable and a sweet little ending to our anniversary 'weekend'.

And as cliché as it may sound - I can't believe it has been ten years and I also can`t believe that it has only been ten years!

I would impart wonderful words of wisdom here, thoughts on a decade of marriage and the ups, downs and in-betweens....but I'm a week away from baby coming and well....the brain...she's a tired!

I will say, that I feel extremely blessed to have Dave and to be his wife and best friend and I'll be so bold to say he feels like-wise about me...I also have the card to prove it! ;) hahaah!!  We can't seem to get enough of each other - even after these many years - and I think we're both okay with that!  I love him and I greatly look forward to many, many, many and even a few more years after that, together!



May 5, 2014

Last, Family of Five, Date

So the date is officially set - our fourth little blessing will arrive on the 21st of May.  We're working out sitters and figuring out some last minute things to get ready.  Even though it's kinda weird to know exactly when this baby will be born, it is kinda nice too!

Taking a gander at our calendar last week and noticing how few days were left until this little one's arrival, hubby and I thought it would be nice to take our three out on a Last, Family of Five, date!

So checking out a free family pass from our local library (check these out - awesome!! Passes for all kinds of places and all for free - YAY for libraries!!) we packed the kiddos into the van and headed to our Nation's capital to take in the Museum of Nature!


It was a blah and rainy day and the first Saturday in almost two months were we had nothing planned - so it was perfect to get away and spend the time together as our family of five!  We packed a lunch and ate it in the van - so other then gas and parking - it was a relatively inexpensive date!

I had been telling the girls about this museum for a little while and they thought the idea of seeing dinosaur bones would be pretty neat - not to mention all the other creatures and critters there!  So we kept the whole thing a secret - told the kids that it was a surprise and it wasn't until we were actually in the building that they got to know where we were.


It wasn't too busy there which was a surprise but it was lots of fun, which was expected!  This museum is housed in an old castle but has recently gone under major renovations.  My sister used to work here when my hubby and I were first married and we would often come to visit her and spend the day meandering around this old place.  But we hadn't been since the kids were born and since the renos were completed.


There was so much to see!  It took us about three hours to go through all that we did and we didn't even take it all in!  The kids are a bit young for most of the educational games and activities but they still got to take in a lot and found many things to amuse themselves with!

It was a great day!!   We had no schedule, no time restrictions and were in no hurry.  The kids got to touch and explore to their hearts content and we got to enjoy it along with them - having some fun ourselves and learning a thing or two!

So only two more weekends before baby four gets to join in the fun!  Busy, fast flying weekends - I'm sure they will be!  Hubby and I have our 10th this week, Mother's day this weekend and then one more full week to clean house, change bedding, finish packing, arranging care for the kiddos, bake a bit more and rest...oh yeah...I should do a bit more of that too!



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