May 14, 2014

1♥ Years T♥gether!

It came, it went - it was much like our wedding day - greatly anticipated and then over before we knew it! 


10 years married now!

And much like our wedding day - it was a simple and sweet time!   We sent the kiddos away and for the first time in.... eight years...we had the house to ourselves - for a whole 24 hour period!

So with the girls staying with friends and our boy-o at the neighbours, my sweet hubby packed us a picnic lunch and we hit the road!

For those of you who 'know' me - either on here or in person - you know how much Dave and I love road trips - and well, with me being so close to having this Little - a full on road trip was out of the question, but a day of Antiquing - well that suit us just right!

Our first stop was a place we hadn't been to in about eight years - mostly because it is pretty much a hoarder house and there is NO way you could bring kids there - I barely fact a few places I didn't fit at all!!  But it's kinda neat to see....but sadly way over-priced!! 

We then traveled many a roads to find various antique and curios shops, stopping for our picnic and the...'occasional' bathroom break!  It was a full day - and this pregnant momma was beat by the time we rolled into the drive way!

So hubby got to work on the surprise supper he had planned!  My growing chief I tell you, I might just have to retire for a while!


We set a table outside and though the day had been all sunshine - the evening brought cooler weather and some rain.  We were able to enjoy our dinner on the 'lawn' before the rains came and then we moved our dessert to the porch, listening to the rain falling on the metal roof.


The next morning we, on a whim, decided to hit a few more shops in the area before going to pick up our boy from the neighbours.  After which, I headed to the girls' school to partake in their Mother's Day tea event.  It was such a lovely time and I felt super special!! My little ladies had a poem and a song to share and hand painted flower pots to give to me.  It was adorable and a sweet little ending to our anniversary 'weekend'.

And as cliché as it may sound - I can't believe it has been ten years and I also can`t believe that it has only been ten years!

I would impart wonderful words of wisdom here, thoughts on a decade of marriage and the ups, downs and in-betweens....but I'm a week away from baby coming and well....the brain...she's a tired!

I will say, that I feel extremely blessed to have Dave and to be his wife and best friend and I'll be so bold to say he feels like-wise about me...I also have the card to prove it! ;) hahaah!!  We can't seem to get enough of each other - even after these many years - and I think we're both okay with that!  I love him and I greatly look forward to many, many, many and even a few more years after that, together!




  1. Looks like a fun time! Now about that hoarder house...I sat here staring at that one picture of the piles of stuff in the yard...trying to make sense of it...insane!! Does it all just sit out there or do they cover it when it rains? I have to go see this place sometime! And I have the urge to de-clutter my house a bit now, hehee.

  2. OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I, uh, WE have to go there when we come visit. That looks like an insane amount of fun!

    Your anniversary sounded heavenly... love the chairs/table/roses out in the middle of it, loud and clear.

    Rest up this week... these few remaining days.


  3. So glad you had this time together. Always important. Sounds like it was a really fun time.


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