May 5, 2014

Last, Family of Five, Date

So the date is officially set - our fourth little blessing will arrive on the 21st of May.  We're working out sitters and figuring out some last minute things to get ready.  Even though it's kinda weird to know exactly when this baby will be born, it is kinda nice too!

Taking a gander at our calendar last week and noticing how few days were left until this little one's arrival, hubby and I thought it would be nice to take our three out on a Last, Family of Five, date!

So checking out a free family pass from our local library (check these out - awesome!! Passes for all kinds of places and all for free - YAY for libraries!!) we packed the kiddos into the van and headed to our Nation's capital to take in the Museum of Nature!


It was a blah and rainy day and the first Saturday in almost two months were we had nothing planned - so it was perfect to get away and spend the time together as our family of five!  We packed a lunch and ate it in the van - so other then gas and parking - it was a relatively inexpensive date!

I had been telling the girls about this museum for a little while and they thought the idea of seeing dinosaur bones would be pretty neat - not to mention all the other creatures and critters there!  So we kept the whole thing a secret - told the kids that it was a surprise and it wasn't until we were actually in the building that they got to know where we were.


It wasn't too busy there which was a surprise but it was lots of fun, which was expected!  This museum is housed in an old castle but has recently gone under major renovations.  My sister used to work here when my hubby and I were first married and we would often come to visit her and spend the day meandering around this old place.  But we hadn't been since the kids were born and since the renos were completed.


There was so much to see!  It took us about three hours to go through all that we did and we didn't even take it all in!  The kids are a bit young for most of the educational games and activities but they still got to take in a lot and found many things to amuse themselves with!

It was a great day!!   We had no schedule, no time restrictions and were in no hurry.  The kids got to touch and explore to their hearts content and we got to enjoy it along with them - having some fun ourselves and learning a thing or two!

So only two more weekends before baby four gets to join in the fun!  Busy, fast flying weekends - I'm sure they will be!  Hubby and I have our 10th this week, Mother's day this weekend and then one more full week to clean house, change bedding, finish packing, arranging care for the kiddos, bake a bit more and rest...oh yeah...I should do a bit more of that too!



  1. Oh what a fun day!!

    Glad you got to spend this time, this day, this way. Wonderful.

    Thinking of you this morning!

  2. Oh good, glad you were able to snag a pass, and I was hoping to see pictures! I love museums...we had fun wandering through this one and others while dating and pre-kids but I think it will be even more fun with kids old enough to enjoy as well. Baby is coming so soon...make sure you get enough rest with all the last-things-to-do!

  3. So much fun! I love, love museums. I saw the Museum of Nature when I was at college, but it was in the middle of renovation and some of the floors were closed. :( What a fun place to take kids. Oh, and LOVE, LOVE libraries! (I know you're shocked that I would say such a thing. hehe) Wishing I lived closer to a city and my library had free passes like that. :)


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