May 26, 2014

Then there were SIX!

Our little family has grown again!!  So was it a boy or a girl....well...

On Wednesday May 21st, we welcomed Alice Grace to our family!

The section went well - a small moment where things got a bit harry as my blood pressure dropped drastically but with a very skilled anesthesiologist by my side, things righted quickly.  Alice was born just before nine a.m. and crying heartily!!!

And true to all my kiddos she is no "little" baby - weighing 9lbs 1oz and 21.25 inches long!!  But honestly - she feels amazingly small to me!

Even though this was my fourth C-section there were some new 'perks' at the hospital.  For the first time ever baby stayed in the O.R. with me.  My hubby got to hold her right after he cut the umbilical cord and they both remained by my side for the completion of the surgery.

When everything was all done, they passed my sweet baby to me and wheeled her and I into recovery.  There, with the help of my fantastic midwife, I was able to begin breastfeeding.  And what a little champ my Alice is at that!  We spent two nights in the hospital and overall my recovery has been going smoothly!

. .

We came home to settle in with four kiddos.  The girls and Joe had made a big welcome home banner with my mom and her husband!  We got to enjoy it for a few hours before we had to bring it in and save it from the rain.


The girls, so far, are pretty excited and smitten with Alice!  They were a bit overwhelmed at the hospital - so much so that when they went back to school to tell their teacher and class mates about their new sister - they thought she was bald and they had forgotten her name! LOL!!  But now at home, they come in each morning while I'm changing her to say "Good morning!" and give her a kiss!


Joseph is adjusting well too - mind you it hasn't even been a week yet - but having daddy home I think is helping a lot!  Joe's biggest concern so far is that the baby might steal his cars!!  But other then that, he's being a big help.  He'll get out diapers for us, throw out the used ones and even fold up her change mat and put it away. 

She is, so far, a fantastic sleeper!!  Averaging three to six hour stretches at a time!  Right now, even through I never planned on it, she is sleeping with us - but let me tell you - it is some pretty good sleep!  Best I've had in months!  And this little one, sprawled out on my chest, nestled in and sleeping so soundly - well...even though I'd love her to be in her own bed, I can't help but adore this precious and fleeting time!! 

My "old friend" thrush, reared it's ugly head on about day three!  It is no fun, I tell you!!  It turned a sweet, lovely time of cuddles and loving, into one of the most painful things I have ever experienced!!!  BUT, again - my most amazing and supportive midwife has come to our rescue and we are working through it - already things are getting better!

I am soaking in so much of these baby days.  I find myself lingering longer at feedings, keeping my feet up, saying no to visitors and the phone even! It's why, in the night, as she settles against my chest, her fuzzy head just inches from my, ever kissing her, lips and I breathe in her sweet baby smell, I feel utterly at peace!

I am thankful that Dave is home to help with the other three Sweets that we have - so that they too are receiving much needed attention but also to free me up to really absorb these precious moments.  I think I'm finally realizing just how fast these newborn days will be gone and honestly just how special and wonderful they truly are!


I am extremely thankful to and humbled by our God - for this amazing blessing!!  She truly is!! Such a miracle in the flesh!  Our fifth pregnancy, fourth baby, here, in our care for all the days God grants us together.  I am smitten with her, she has stolen our hearts already and I am excited and overjoyed to watch our family grow together!

And you shall rejoice in all the good
that the Lord your God
has given to you and to your house...
Deuteronomy 26:11a



  1. Oh, Baby love. I remember it well. I get to hold all these lovely grand babies but there is nothing like the precious gift of a new baby of your own to cuddle. It is not amazing how well she fits into your family because God prepared her just for you! 'specially made to fit right in. Love to all, MAG

  2. Wow~she is beautiful! Congrats to you and your beautiful family! I have been so out of touch...needing to get back into the blogging world! God Bless!

  3. She's perfect!!! Congrats. Family of six!


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