May 20, 2014

Today and Tomorrow

Well the day is almost here - tomorrow baby number four will make it's appearance!  So I'm trying to decide how to best spend this last day - resting and saving up my energy for the surgery tomorrow or clean, clean, clean!

So far I have done a bit of both - played cars with my boy, drank some coffee, cleaned the bathroom as I gave Joe his bath, swept and moped the kitchen, tidied various rooms and even trimmed my hair.

Trying to squeeze as much as I can out of this day!

Joe is eating an early lunch right now and then I think I shall try to nap when he does.  I see many other tasks that I could complete but I'm pretty tired and I know that the coming days will be draining as best to let the dust lay where it is and put my feet up for just a bit.

It's really surreal, this fourth Little of ours ready to make it's self known!  We are more then prepared in many ways - a first out of four kiddos.  My bag is packed, we have food ready galore, family and friends lined up for kid sitting, house cleaned, lawn mowed, baby clothes washed and sorted, diapers bought - we are as ready as we're going to be!

I had wondered many times if the dates would be wrong and this wee one would arrive much earlier then anticipated...but no, it looks like this babe will be coming right on schedule!  So I eagerly await the arrival of tomorrow, all the while soaking in life just as it is....

No, I don't often do a pregnancy shot or share it - but I realized I hadn't really gotten any shots of me with this Little - so Dave captured one the other day.  I laughed when I saw how big I really am - perspective is everything, isn't it!?! lol!!!   I've been looking down at this bump and just didn't seem so large....but it is! 

Not surprising, as we usually have big babies and not surprising as I have absolutely no lap left!

I'm both nervous and excited for tomorrow!!  Nervous to be entering newborn territory again, nervous for the surgery and recovery and nervous for those early adjustment days.  But I am so excited to finally meet this baby, exited to learn if we will have another boy or a third girl, excited to see another blessing in the flesh and super excited to hold, breath in and savour a new little gift from heaven!


And so friends - Joe is done his lunch and it's time to play and snuggle before nap time - I leave you all for the next few days.  I thank you in advanced for prayers, they will be greatly appreciated!  I can't wait to come back and post of our newest little one and have pictures to share with you all!

Until then - blessings to you all and much love!




  1. Well, my friend. I've been thinking about you all day. Tomorrow is the day - here it comes, ready or not. I know you are! You've said so. And, I'm glad.

    I'm getting nervous. NO! I'm about as excited as you are. We'll be praying that all, ALL goes well and that you will do what it takes to adjust quickly and heal nicely and rest comfortable and enjoy - it all.

    ((PS:I hope to find out sooner than on here, what you have!! - that is my hope, but no obligation whatsoever.))

    We love you and can't wait. Lovely photos again, as well. wow!

  2. Love you. Praying for you and excited. Such fun not knowing what you are having!

  3. Congratulations on your new one! Praying for you as you recover.


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