Jun 29, 2014

These Early Summer Days

It would appear that summer is officially here!  Both on the calendar and the weather network!  I think for as harsh a winter we just had, this summer is ready to match it full force!
But that won't stop my kiddos from going out to play...be it much shorter, mostly in the shade and not during the middle of the day....but yes, still plenty of outdoor fun to be had!

School has been out for just over a week now - and for the end of the year we got to enjoy my eldest in a lovely little French play...(where I had NO idea what was going on!) and then she graduated from Kindergarten!

I didn't know they did Kindergarten graduation these days...and we hesitated even going but we did and it was adorable!!  Our girls go to a very, very small Christian school - so Olivia was only one of two gratuets in her grade - but they had the Juniors help out and well, once my youngest, err...second oldest figured out what the microphone was for - well that was the end of it folks!

She discovered, that night...while all those Littles were trying to say their very much practiced and well memorized poem, that when she (my Catherine) spoke into the mic, EVERYONE in the audience could hear her!  So she let out this crazed cackle and was greatly delighted when the audience burst into laughter....so needless to say...the poem was lost but the audience was in tears from the sweet chaos on stage!

Let's not forget she's the same kid who took off her shoes and socks, during the Christmas play, to pick at the lint between her toes....

So Olivia, though turning seven this July, will enter into grade one next year and Catherine will be in Senior Kindergarten.  We love the school that they are at!!  It's focus is so faith oriented and the girls' teacher - she's an amazing woman and her joy is something both contagious and humbling!  She has the patience to work with and encourage my Olivia in her various struggles and stubbornness!  Catherine is doing very well, she is incredibly bright but still young and so they will still be in the same class.


So with summer vacation now underway, the days a long and lazy - so far!  The girls are often the first ones up - well Olivia is and then wakes her sister..."accidentally" but then they can be found reading books in the big chair in the hall.  They are both doing very well with their reading, which I was greatly surprised and overjoyed by!!

We all have breakfast together, then there has been lots of play and fun.  We bought a few new (read, dollarstore) items before Alice was born, to pull out and entertain them in these early, "off school and usual routine but still have a newborn and toddler who both need much attention" days.  So these things are keeping them entertained when our attention is yet still a bit divided.

But Alice is doing great and I really can't complain.  She's adjusting well and I am even starting to watch for any sort of natural schedule.  I think I see one forming but she's only just over five weeks - so I'm not holding my breath!  She is still sleeping very well, in her bouncy chair, and napping either in that or while I snuggle her. 

And can you believe that in these few sweet summer days our littlest Little has already turned one month!!  It's going unbelievably crazy fast!!  So, to mark that milestone, I whipped up this adorable Alice in Wonderland dress!  And wasn't she just a doll for the photo shoot!!  I hope to capture her, like this, each month - a sweet visual of her growing and changing.

And my Dave, well I think he's about ready for me to get back into the swing of things!  My six weeks of torture rest and do nothing are just about through - I see my midwife this coming Thursday and should get the aye-okay to resume regular activities.  But my dear sweet hubby has done so well!! He took on much of the things I always did around the house, plus parented the other three Littles practically on his own and still found time to do a few projects, participate in his men's meetings, help friend's move and of course, drink coffee and dream with me.

But he now has a much better understanding of my distain for laundry!


I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and how he provides for us - especially outside the monetary sense! ♥  He is an amazing father and I wouldn't be able to do much of what I do, with out him!  Thank you Dave - we are blessed!

So these early days of summer have been both busy and lazy - it's a nice mix!!  I know that it will be over soon enough, so I'm going to enjoy this precious time.  We have plans to hit the beach this week - it is Canada day on Tuesday!  And my sister from the other side of the country is coming back to Ontario and should be here in about a week!  There is my aunt and cousin who will visit later in July and Olivia turning seven - and these are just the things I know about!  It's going to be a full and fun summer!

I feel very blessed that I get to spend it all with these people - these gifts from God and I thank Him for each of them and for everyday we have!!  Even in this heat! ;)


Jun 23, 2014

Terrific Two's!

Wow! What a week we just had - it was right full!!  There was Father's day last Sunday, Olivia's "graduation" on Thursday, the gals' last day of school AND my boy turned TWO!

It came so fast, we were almost unprepared....not to say that I am prepared that my 'baby' boy is two now...but we had to zip out one day during the week to pick up his gift.  I knew it would come fast after the birth of Alice but really - June is just slipping away!!

Never-the-less our boy had a sweet and lovely Birthday! 

It started well, with his Granny and Grandpa coming for a little visit and bringing the first, of many, gifts that contained wheels!

Our Joe is such a boy!!  He's loved cars, trucks and tractors from waaay early on and with NO prompting from us!! So most people knew that anything that moved would make an excellent gift for him!  And he was sure please with all the cool cars, tractors, trucks and other moving things that he received! 

He had visits from other family too and our neighbours/friends even joined us on the Saturday to dote a few gifts on him and share in the cake!  They are pretty much second (err...make that third...or is it fourth...?) set of grandparents!  But there's never too much love and Joe was mighty happy to see them!
Speaking of cake - yes, I had fun again....okay...it was fun after I laboured on it for hours - making his cake!  I wanted to do a tractor theme for him - knowing how much he LOVES them and set to work (in between baby snuggles, feeds and all the other happenings of last week!) to make the best tractor cake I could! 
I made the mistake of looking on the internet for inspiration before beginning and I was bummed when my tractor was not shaping up as I had hoped - *sigh* be careful when looking for 'inspiration!'- but my husband assured me that it would all work out - I didn't believe him...that is...until Joe saw the final product and well, when his eyes lit up - I knew I had accomplished my goal!


It was a chocolate cake, with decadent chocolate icing and a strawberry puree middle layer.  The tractor was made of rice crispy treats and marshmallow fondant.  I'm no, "Cake Boss" but as I said, seeing my boy's eyes go wide and hearing him excitedly repeating, "Tractor cake! Tractor cake!" over and over - well I was a happy momma!

He was a tad bashful as we all sang "Happy Birthday", dropping his head and looking up at us all from under his eyebrows.  Joe can be a real goofball but apparently he doesn't like to be the center of attention!  He enjoyed his cake greatly - especially when he got to eat an entire (small!) tractor wheel!
It's amazing to me that our Joseph is two - and that we already have another Little in that time!  Joe is such a sweet and gentle soul!  A gentle giant indeed!  For he measures at 35 pounds and 36 and a half inches (just over 3 feet) - our big, loveable boy!

What a wonderful blessing he is - even on the busy days!  He's mischievous and sweet, goofy and sensitive, stubborn and loving!  And those dimples of his - *sigh* too cute...they save him quite often...they really do!



Jun 8, 2014

First Few Weeks with our Sweet Cheeks

Cliché's away!  I can't believe it's been just over two weeks and yet I cannot believe it's only been that long!  How this newest addition has so easily slipped into our lives - as if she was always here! 

Our little Alice is doing great!  The sleep is still going well and we even have her sleeping in her bouncy chair most nights.  Not ideal, we'll get her to her bed yet but she just seems to be one of those babies that loves to be snuggly, so the position of the bouncy chair is a nice mimic to the womb, I think, and makes her feel cozy and safe.
She still does decent enough stretches of sleep - again anywhere from 2.5 - 5.5 or so hours - not always, not consistently - but better then any other baby of ours!  It's making life very manageable and flowing relatively 'normal'!
For those wondering - yes our sweet girl was "Stork bitten"
 - the term 'Stork bite' is given to those red marks on her face.
 Harmless and they should fade eventually! 
Just in case you were curious!
The thrush has almost completely cleared up in regards to feedings - so that's a welcomed relief!!!  But my incision showed some signs of yeast and so I was put on strict orders to keep my activity to a minimum, which Dave has been doing (too) good to keep me to that!  I have been basically on house arrest for a week now!
Also, Alice has yet to gain back her full birth weight - though happy, alert and doing well overall - my midwife has me limited on physical activity in order to work on nursing and building my supply.  So basically, I sit around snuggling, nursing and loving on my baby....I guess there are worse ways to spend your days!
Speaking of how we spend our days, well like I said, they are pretty much back to normal...or at least somewhat of a routine.  Dave gets the kids ready for school, while I nurse and snuggle the baby.  They leave and I try to nap a bit longer - Joe and hubby return about 40 minutes later.  Dave and I then get to enjoy coffee and breakfast together and Joe, he enjoys some quite time playing on the porch with his cars!  He got a real treat last week when, for an entire day, they were spreading new gravel and grading our road!
See - who needs tv!?!


Dave is loving having a baby in the house again!  He's a real baby's man! ;)  He just adores them!! So when I'm not stealing all the love, he will snag Alice and spend some quality time with her...snuggling, singing and oh you know, arm wrestling!

Oh yes, she won!
I don't know if it's common for fourth children or what but I just can't stop taking photos of her!  Maybe it's because I'm not sure how many more Little we will/can have...maybe it's because I just love my camera and looking at her little face through it...but I'm at 300+ photos and she's not even three weeks old!
 Awww! Who doesn't love photos of babies yawning??

And speaking of awwww!  Joe finally held Alice!! He actually asked to!! It was super cute and made this momma's heart melt that much more!  I had just finished changing her and he was sitting on the couch, when he says to me, "I hold baby!"

"You want to hold the baby?" I asked, making sure what I thought I heard was for real.
With a big smile on his face he said, "Yes! I hold the baby!"

So I grabbed a pillow, told him to put his arm out and gentle placed her in his lap.  He was all smiles until the moment I laid her down, then he says, "No hold baby!"


But 'hold' her he did and he seemed to like it, so much so that he asked to do it twice more after that - but yes, each time saying no just as I placed her in his lap! Hahah! Can you tell he will be two soon!

So yes, the days are full and yet have a somewhat lazy feel to them.  Dave's doing his best to keep up on all the household chores and watching the older three.  I sneakily did the dishes the other night as he was putting the kids to bed - I just can't take much more of this not doing anything!!

...I also might have swept the kitchen floor...shhh....oh and cleaned the bathroom...SHHHH!

But again, I'm mostly just relishing in the time I get to spend with Alice!  It's almost like having my first baby all over again - you know, that precious time when it's just you and your Little and no other responsibilities!?!
Dave's doing such a great job at managing everything and also keeping me in line (yes, other then those few incidences there....)  He's taking good care of me and the older three so that allows me this much needed and enjoyed time of taking care of this precious little one!

There has been some sort of flu/cold bug in our house this past week - So far Dave and the big girls have been the only ones affected - praying the rest of us stay healthy!!  (Though as I type this out I feel a bit under the weather...but I could just be tired....or house bound crazy!?!)
So we have been taking it easy all around I guess.  There has been much play outside but also, crafts and activates inside and oh a few movies thrown into the mix!  These three big Littles of ours are doing well and seem to be adjusting well to having a baby in the house - some moments are challenging but that's just how it goes - over all they are great kids and well...as crazy as ever!


So....that's the scoop on the first few weeks with our precious Sweet Cheeks!  She's just a perfect piece in our little....(can I still say that..."little"...hmm....not ready to change that just yet!) family!  I feel like we're complete....not sure what that means for the future right now but just that as for now, I feel extremely blessed!!!

Alice is a precious blessing and I often gaze at her and still can't believe she's here! I can't believe how God has blessed Dave and I with four beautiful, sweet and dear little people - and how eight years ago I didn't know that any of this would be possible!

So I don't know when I'll pop back on here next - I'm enjoying the snuggling, the gorgeous weather and napping when able - and after that, there is still the garden to get in (are we too late??), a house to manage, a few reno project ideas brewing, a budget to figure out, the beach to head to, coffee to drink, friends to visit....and whatever else will come our way!
Until next time - blessings to you all!


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