Jun 8, 2014

First Few Weeks with our Sweet Cheeks

Cliché's away!  I can't believe it's been just over two weeks and yet I cannot believe it's only been that long!  How this newest addition has so easily slipped into our lives - as if she was always here! 

Our little Alice is doing great!  The sleep is still going well and we even have her sleeping in her bouncy chair most nights.  Not ideal, we'll get her to her bed yet but she just seems to be one of those babies that loves to be snuggly, so the position of the bouncy chair is a nice mimic to the womb, I think, and makes her feel cozy and safe.
She still does decent enough stretches of sleep - again anywhere from 2.5 - 5.5 or so hours - not always, not consistently - but better then any other baby of ours!  It's making life very manageable and flowing relatively 'normal'!
For those wondering - yes our sweet girl was "Stork bitten"
 - the term 'Stork bite' is given to those red marks on her face.
 Harmless and they should fade eventually! 
Just in case you were curious!
The thrush has almost completely cleared up in regards to feedings - so that's a welcomed relief!!!  But my incision showed some signs of yeast and so I was put on strict orders to keep my activity to a minimum, which Dave has been doing (too) good to keep me to that!  I have been basically on house arrest for a week now!
Also, Alice has yet to gain back her full birth weight - though happy, alert and doing well overall - my midwife has me limited on physical activity in order to work on nursing and building my supply.  So basically, I sit around snuggling, nursing and loving on my baby....I guess there are worse ways to spend your days!
Speaking of how we spend our days, well like I said, they are pretty much back to normal...or at least somewhat of a routine.  Dave gets the kids ready for school, while I nurse and snuggle the baby.  They leave and I try to nap a bit longer - Joe and hubby return about 40 minutes later.  Dave and I then get to enjoy coffee and breakfast together and Joe, he enjoys some quite time playing on the porch with his cars!  He got a real treat last week when, for an entire day, they were spreading new gravel and grading our road!
See - who needs tv!?!


Dave is loving having a baby in the house again!  He's a real baby's man! ;)  He just adores them!! So when I'm not stealing all the love, he will snag Alice and spend some quality time with her...snuggling, singing and oh you know, arm wrestling!

Oh yes, she won!
I don't know if it's common for fourth children or what but I just can't stop taking photos of her!  Maybe it's because I'm not sure how many more Little we will/can have...maybe it's because I just love my camera and looking at her little face through it...but I'm at 300+ photos and she's not even three weeks old!
 Awww! Who doesn't love photos of babies yawning??

And speaking of awwww!  Joe finally held Alice!! He actually asked to!! It was super cute and made this momma's heart melt that much more!  I had just finished changing her and he was sitting on the couch, when he says to me, "I hold baby!"

"You want to hold the baby?" I asked, making sure what I thought I heard was for real.
With a big smile on his face he said, "Yes! I hold the baby!"

So I grabbed a pillow, told him to put his arm out and gentle placed her in his lap.  He was all smiles until the moment I laid her down, then he says, "No hold baby!"


But 'hold' her he did and he seemed to like it, so much so that he asked to do it twice more after that - but yes, each time saying no just as I placed her in his lap! Hahah! Can you tell he will be two soon!

So yes, the days are full and yet have a somewhat lazy feel to them.  Dave's doing his best to keep up on all the household chores and watching the older three.  I sneakily did the dishes the other night as he was putting the kids to bed - I just can't take much more of this not doing anything!!

...I also might have swept the kitchen floor...shhh....oh and cleaned the bathroom...SHHHH!

But again, I'm mostly just relishing in the time I get to spend with Alice!  It's almost like having my first baby all over again - you know, that precious time when it's just you and your Little and no other responsibilities!?!
Dave's doing such a great job at managing everything and also keeping me in line (yes, other then those few incidences there....)  He's taking good care of me and the older three so that allows me this much needed and enjoyed time of taking care of this precious little one!

There has been some sort of flu/cold bug in our house this past week - So far Dave and the big girls have been the only ones affected - praying the rest of us stay healthy!!  (Though as I type this out I feel a bit under the weather...but I could just be tired....or house bound crazy!?!)
So we have been taking it easy all around I guess.  There has been much play outside but also, crafts and activates inside and oh a few movies thrown into the mix!  These three big Littles of ours are doing well and seem to be adjusting well to having a baby in the house - some moments are challenging but that's just how it goes - over all they are great kids and well...as crazy as ever!


So....that's the scoop on the first few weeks with our precious Sweet Cheeks!  She's just a perfect piece in our little....(can I still say that..."little"...hmm....not ready to change that just yet!) family!  I feel like we're complete....not sure what that means for the future right now but just that as for now, I feel extremely blessed!!!

Alice is a precious blessing and I often gaze at her and still can't believe she's here! I can't believe how God has blessed Dave and I with four beautiful, sweet and dear little people - and how eight years ago I didn't know that any of this would be possible!

So I don't know when I'll pop back on here next - I'm enjoying the snuggling, the gorgeous weather and napping when able - and after that, there is still the garden to get in (are we too late??), a house to manage, a few reno project ideas brewing, a budget to figure out, the beach to head to, coffee to drink, friends to visit....and whatever else will come our way!
Until next time - blessings to you all!


  1. Such a nice post. Almost like a visit which I hope to make this week sometime. Let me know what is good for you folks. Alice is lovely! Praise God for 'small' miracles of a gynormous size!

  2. Squeeze!! Alice is such a precious little lady! When you feel up to a visit, Johnny and I will make our way in your direction :-D I'm glad everything's flowing well with four munchkins.. You guys have the knack!

    Also, is it just me, or is Alice the spitting image of Catherine?? She's got a mini-me! Wishing you guys lots of snuggles and coffee ;-)

    PS - did my package make it to you? Of course I lost the tracking # immediately lol
    PPS - is it bad that Johnny just turned 4 months old but your photos are making me want another?? Like NOW?? Hahahaha

  3. LOL "squeeze" in my comment was supposed to say "squeeee"

  4. Like Anita said..

    I felt like I was sitting there just a visiting, with you... holding Sweet Cheeks, while you filled me in on all the "baby news"..

    I wish that could be a reality. So badly...

    I'm glad to hear how well you're doing. I'm glad to hear you get to rest. And. I hear you on the sneaking around the house doing stuff. I may or may not have done the VERY EXACT thing... a time or two or three. :)

    Look for a little something coming your way. :)

  5. I was just wondering how you were all doing and thinking of calling when I logged onto facebook and saw your post. Alice is SO beautiful and such a gift. Glad you're doing well and I'll pray you and Alice don't get the bug! Rowland has had one of the worst colds he's ever had but he's finally getting better. talk soon hopefully! hugs:) Rhona

  6. What a precious and perfect new little birdie to add to your beautiful nest! You are blessed, Mama!

  7. She's so precious. Alice!! And what a sweet name. Happy for your family:-)


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