Jun 23, 2014

Terrific Two's!

Wow! What a week we just had - it was right full!!  There was Father's day last Sunday, Olivia's "graduation" on Thursday, the gals' last day of school AND my boy turned TWO!

It came so fast, we were almost unprepared....not to say that I am prepared that my 'baby' boy is two now...but we had to zip out one day during the week to pick up his gift.  I knew it would come fast after the birth of Alice but really - June is just slipping away!!

Never-the-less our boy had a sweet and lovely Birthday! 

It started well, with his Granny and Grandpa coming for a little visit and bringing the first, of many, gifts that contained wheels!

Our Joe is such a boy!!  He's loved cars, trucks and tractors from waaay early on and with NO prompting from us!! So most people knew that anything that moved would make an excellent gift for him!  And he was sure please with all the cool cars, tractors, trucks and other moving things that he received! 

He had visits from other family too and our neighbours/friends even joined us on the Saturday to dote a few gifts on him and share in the cake!  They are pretty much second (err...make that third...or is it fourth...?) set of grandparents!  But there's never too much love and Joe was mighty happy to see them!
Speaking of cake - yes, I had fun again....okay...it was fun after I laboured on it for hours - making his cake!  I wanted to do a tractor theme for him - knowing how much he LOVES them and set to work (in between baby snuggles, feeds and all the other happenings of last week!) to make the best tractor cake I could! 
I made the mistake of looking on the internet for inspiration before beginning and I was bummed when my tractor was not shaping up as I had hoped - *sigh* be careful when looking for 'inspiration!'- but my husband assured me that it would all work out - I didn't believe him...that is...until Joe saw the final product and well, when his eyes lit up - I knew I had accomplished my goal!


It was a chocolate cake, with decadent chocolate icing and a strawberry puree middle layer.  The tractor was made of rice crispy treats and marshmallow fondant.  I'm no, "Cake Boss" but as I said, seeing my boy's eyes go wide and hearing him excitedly repeating, "Tractor cake! Tractor cake!" over and over - well I was a happy momma!

He was a tad bashful as we all sang "Happy Birthday", dropping his head and looking up at us all from under his eyebrows.  Joe can be a real goofball but apparently he doesn't like to be the center of attention!  He enjoyed his cake greatly - especially when he got to eat an entire (small!) tractor wheel!
It's amazing to me that our Joseph is two - and that we already have another Little in that time!  Joe is such a sweet and gentle soul!  A gentle giant indeed!  For he measures at 35 pounds and 36 and a half inches (just over 3 feet) - our big, loveable boy!

What a wonderful blessing he is - even on the busy days!  He's mischievous and sweet, goofy and sensitive, stubborn and loving!  And those dimples of his - *sigh* too cute...they save him quite often...they really do!




  1. You are incredibly talented with making cakes! I love his expression when he saw it :)

  2. Beautiful boy. His expressions are priceless! Your cake was amazing. Boy, the blue shirt sure brings out his eye color! Love you all, MAG

  3. YOU DID AWESOME on the cake! Love it and his sweet face is priceless. It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, He loved it! Can't believe he is two already! Geez. Your kids are precious. Hope all is well~sounds like you have had FUN!

  4. OH That is way AWESOME!!!! and yes, Handsome's face is such a treasure!!

    Look at that!

    You did good, mama! once again. :)

  5. Great pictures Kaitlin. The cake and Joe's expression say it all.... Love Deb xo


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