Jun 29, 2014

These Early Summer Days

It would appear that summer is officially here!  Both on the calendar and the weather network!  I think for as harsh a winter we just had, this summer is ready to match it full force!
But that won't stop my kiddos from going out to play...be it much shorter, mostly in the shade and not during the middle of the day....but yes, still plenty of outdoor fun to be had!

School has been out for just over a week now - and for the end of the year we got to enjoy my eldest in a lovely little French play...(where I had NO idea what was going on!) and then she graduated from Kindergarten!

I didn't know they did Kindergarten graduation these days...and we hesitated even going but we did and it was adorable!!  Our girls go to a very, very small Christian school - so Olivia was only one of two gratuets in her grade - but they had the Juniors help out and well, once my youngest, err...second oldest figured out what the microphone was for - well that was the end of it folks!

She discovered, that night...while all those Littles were trying to say their very much practiced and well memorized poem, that when she (my Catherine) spoke into the mic, EVERYONE in the audience could hear her!  So she let out this crazed cackle and was greatly delighted when the audience burst into laughter....so needless to say...the poem was lost but the audience was in tears from the sweet chaos on stage!

Let's not forget she's the same kid who took off her shoes and socks, during the Christmas play, to pick at the lint between her toes....

So Olivia, though turning seven this July, will enter into grade one next year and Catherine will be in Senior Kindergarten.  We love the school that they are at!!  It's focus is so faith oriented and the girls' teacher - she's an amazing woman and her joy is something both contagious and humbling!  She has the patience to work with and encourage my Olivia in her various struggles and stubbornness!  Catherine is doing very well, she is incredibly bright but still young and so they will still be in the same class.


So with summer vacation now underway, the days a long and lazy - so far!  The girls are often the first ones up - well Olivia is and then wakes her sister..."accidentally" but then they can be found reading books in the big chair in the hall.  They are both doing very well with their reading, which I was greatly surprised and overjoyed by!!

We all have breakfast together, then there has been lots of play and fun.  We bought a few new (read, dollarstore) items before Alice was born, to pull out and entertain them in these early, "off school and usual routine but still have a newborn and toddler who both need much attention" days.  So these things are keeping them entertained when our attention is yet still a bit divided.

But Alice is doing great and I really can't complain.  She's adjusting well and I am even starting to watch for any sort of natural schedule.  I think I see one forming but she's only just over five weeks - so I'm not holding my breath!  She is still sleeping very well, in her bouncy chair, and napping either in that or while I snuggle her. 

And can you believe that in these few sweet summer days our littlest Little has already turned one month!!  It's going unbelievably crazy fast!!  So, to mark that milestone, I whipped up this adorable Alice in Wonderland dress!  And wasn't she just a doll for the photo shoot!!  I hope to capture her, like this, each month - a sweet visual of her growing and changing.

And my Dave, well I think he's about ready for me to get back into the swing of things!  My six weeks of torture rest and do nothing are just about through - I see my midwife this coming Thursday and should get the aye-okay to resume regular activities.  But my dear sweet hubby has done so well!! He took on much of the things I always did around the house, plus parented the other three Littles practically on his own and still found time to do a few projects, participate in his men's meetings, help friend's move and of course, drink coffee and dream with me.

But he now has a much better understanding of my distain for laundry!


I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and how he provides for us - especially outside the monetary sense! ♥  He is an amazing father and I wouldn't be able to do much of what I do, with out him!  Thank you Dave - we are blessed!

So these early days of summer have been both busy and lazy - it's a nice mix!!  I know that it will be over soon enough, so I'm going to enjoy this precious time.  We have plans to hit the beach this week - it is Canada day on Tuesday!  And my sister from the other side of the country is coming back to Ontario and should be here in about a week!  There is my aunt and cousin who will visit later in July and Olivia turning seven - and these are just the things I know about!  It's going to be a full and fun summer!

I feel very blessed that I get to spend it all with these people - these gifts from God and I thank Him for each of them and for everyday we have!!  Even in this heat! ;)



  1. Such a lovely post!!

    Beautiful photos and yes! I agree or therefore state that Catherine is a natural on the stage. Real, raw and so-not-ruffled.


    You are a treasure my friend. I'm pray your day is blessed.

  2. Beautiful pictures, love the one of the whole family! Enjoy your beach days. They were always the highlight of raising kids in the summer for me. Picnic lunch, sand and water. Freedom. Great fun. Love you all. MAG


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