Jul 7, 2014

Firebird - A Review

Well this is a long over-due post!  A couple of months ago...(I blame my tardiness on the newborn - she's cute enough to handle the blame! *wink*) I received a free copy of the children's board book; Firebird from B&H Publishing Group in exchange from my honest review of it.


But in all honesty....it is my husband who has read this, much more then I!! So I asked him for his review and he was happy to give it!

Review from my Hubby - the official bedtime story reader:

"Great message but maybe a bit too old for a board book - I think it would be well suited to read to our girls in the story book format (ages 5-7).  But still a wonderful message that we all need to hear and be reminded of!  The illustrations are really nice!!"

And after reading it through a few times myself I have to agree - I should have ordered/requested the picture book format - just because the story, I think, needs a bit more expanding then the board book format allowed!  But that being said, the message is still clear in this story and it is a great way to introduce the fact that God is always there for us - no matter what we are facing (the storms of life)!

The quality of this board book is great and I think it will stand up well to the....'love'...from my toddler!  My boy really likes it, it holds his attention and he enjoys pointing out Firebird on each page!

Overall a great little book with a great big message!

He still loved to bask in the sunshine.
But more importantly, knowing the sun was always there,
Firebird had learned to rejoice in the rain.



  1. Cute pictures of Joseph looking at his book!! The little excerpt you put at the end is so sweet...looks like a tear jerker!

  2. Cute little book. I love the pictures. Picture Joe some day in the far off future reading books to his own little ones. It happens so fast. I can still see in my memories, that little blonde son of mine and his great love for a good story!

  3. I came by to check out if you've posted anything...new and updated. I thought I commented here, on this post... and it's not here! Uhmmm...

    Well, you're being thought of a lot. I'm sure, your busy just loving on your little fam.

    To the post at hand and what I thought I left a comment for...
    What a sweet book (by the looks of the finger pointing) and honest review. There is nothing like stories read aloud that allow the message to really get into our own hearts as well...

    Love to all~


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