Jul 18, 2014

Seven in the Sun

My baby, the one who made me a momma - she's SEVEN now!!

It has come faster then I could ever imagine....and hard to believe in her life time again she will be a teenager!  But right now, she's still a big, little girl! 
And true to the joys of having a summer birthday, we packed our picnic basket and headed to the beach!  Well, not before a few phone calls, gift opening and a visit from one of her three grandmothers. (blessed little Littles, aren't they!?)

My hubby's parents and his two youngest brothers joined us at the water.  The day started a tad on the cool side but quickly it warmed up and there was plenty o' beach fun to be had!!!

We enjoyed swimming, sand and relaxing on the shore.  The clouds we heavy in the sky but there was ample sunshine as well....that is...until about supper time....when our view went from sweet summer skies...to head for cover!


So with quick action we moved the 'party' to a nearby pavilion where we broke out our supper.  The rains came and poured out...but only for a mere ten minutes and then the sun was back...just in time for dessert!

Oh except I had forgotten it...the dessert...so I decided to improvise...and just grabbed a pail of sand to satisfy our sweet tooth.

"What??" you say!

tee hee!!

A few weeks ago I found this recipe for Sand Pudding and figured, what better time to try it out then at a beach birthday!

It was a hit - but wow, it looked so real!! It was a bit of a mind game to actually take that first bite!!
All in all, it was a gorgeously lovely, sunshiney, summery day!  I think our little seven year old was super happy!  She sat in silence, the whole way home, with a sweet little grin on her face! 

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!
You are a blessing and a treasure!!
We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday - beautiful!!

    Seven is a fun age. Ask my son, Caleb, he'll tell you. And, so will I.
    Enjoy the memories, made..

    That sand bucket (dessert)sure did look real. Whoa.. Are you sure there wasn't some desert in there instead of the intended dessert? ;)

  2. Agreed, seven is a happy age - I remember feeling like I was an older kid so I got to do more but still plenty young for little kid things too :) I love that you make such special or fun cakes for your kids birthdays...that really looks like sand!! What on earth is it made from? (no pun intended at first but it fits, hehe)

  3. It was a lovely day. Neat to remember going to that same beach after haying time when I was as little as Olivia 'several' years ago. God has blessed you with a wonderful family. Love you guys, MAG

  4. Bevy and Stephanie - you two are some punny ladies! ;) Intended or not!! The 'sand' is vanilla wafers and oreos done up in a food processor - the rest is a secret...unless you follow the link to the recipe...then not so secret! ;) lol!! Thank you Anita, I do feel awfully blessed with the amazing people I get to call family! ♥


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