Aug 19, 2014

Cold and Quiet August Days

Well...yes...I have been a little silent this month....a few reasons I suppose...


One...I don't have much to say that I haven't already said.  Basically the days are flying by fast, school starts in two weeks, my baby is three months on Thursday and I just don't know where the time is going!

It's been cool here...much too cool for most people...but I have to admit...I've been enjoying it!! It's like a prelude to autumn but without the feeling that snow is around the corner...unless it is...then I'm not so happy!  Buuut, I doubt the white stuff is going to fly anytime soon... today was much more normal for this time of year!!  But these cool days had me making chili and thinking of baking...and regretting the fact that I planted no pumpkins this year!

Even though it has been cool, we have gotten to the beach!  Not as often and I would have liked but at least we made it there a few times and with a newborn in tow! On our last trip there, I finally remembered to bring along a watermelon with us. It is essential beach food you know! Plus the kids love it...not me so much...I'm just weird I guess!  But anyways...I had wanted to try cutting it a little different - the way I have seen on...the Internet...(read, Pinterest!).  I tried the cubed cut way and it was GREAT for the kids!! Easy to eat and less less mess as eating watermelon can get!

I love this little beach of 'ours'!  It's super close to home and so perfect for kids!!  I wanted to "waste" much of the summer there....but the weather just hasn't co-operated!

So we have been busy indoors.  Bringing me to another reason for my absence online.  We have been in the process of  moving bedrooms around, then painting them, plotting new reno ideas and drinking far to much coffee!  The older gals we now have squared away in our third floor space.  It's a half story, really, and for a short time it was our "parent oasis" but that has changed.  I had originally intended to show you pictures of the before and after...but I did not get pictures of I will try to remember to get photos of this space as our big girls' bedroom.  It's super cute up there and a much bigger room then I thought it would be for the two of them!  Still some things to finish up, like trim and better flooring (it's painted plywood right now) but all in good time!


And Alice, well she's got her own room and it's well on it's way to being finished!  So far it's adorable...I'm really soaking up this little girl thing...something I never did with my older gals! I stayed clear of pink for them...over let's just say, Alice's room is making up for all the pink I didn't have before! *wink!*  And this littlest one, she's doing so well!  Still sleeping through the night, still happy and content!  She's stared to laugh now and it's adorable!! And her smiles still melt my heart....and her daddy's!  ;)  And, like I said...she'll be three months old in a couple of days!! Crazy!!


Our Joe is a growing weed!!  He is just over two and the size of most three year olds...and even some four year olds!! I kid you not!! He's a big boy, a very sweet big boy...and a very much two year old, boy!  He has a great love for his sisters...mostly to annoy and pester the older two and then a sweet, gentle...bop you with a car, love for his little sis.  He refuses to use the we are still in the land of diapers....did you know we have been in this land (of diapering) for seven years now...isn't that a crazy thought?!

In all honestly it hasn't all been great....there have been days of kids fighting, hubby and I 'talking', baby fussing, toddler tantruming and just the downs of life that will always accompany the ups! But that's how it goes - life is all those ups and downs...and cool quite days or hot and loud or any combination in between...well, that is what makes up this time here on earth....and it's how my days have been this past while.

And well...I guess the short of it all is that, it's just been life happening around me....nothing exciting but....captivating, troubling, surprising, annoying, amazing, mundane,!



  1. AWHHH - - so good to read you here!! PHOTOS ARE FABULOUSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as always. You sound just like your "heart is at home"... the way it should be.

    Great post!!

    And, yes!! Love the watermelon. I've done it this way, too - the last time we had watermelon. Works pretty well... and there is another "new" way of cutting it now too... that I can't wait to try. I'll have to find the link and send it to you sometime!!

    Enjoy your kiddos and coffee ~~ love you.

  2. Ahh, life. I love your family! It is so nice to see them all in pics. Praying for you all (as usual). MAG

  3. Yes, there are always the downs of life...but a thought I took away from a book recently was that part of the purpose of that is to make us not get too comfortable here and remember we are made for heaven - this isn't really our true home!

    Love your pictures, as usual. At least you've gotten a few good beach days in...I would say too bad about the weather this month but I've enjoyed it too much ;)


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