Sep 27, 2014

Snap Happy!

Alright friends - you have spoken - on here and on Facebook - so it's PHOTO CHALLENGE TIME!

Here is the list you have all been waiting for...and aren't I just the it to you a few days in advance and all!?!? don't have to answer that!

So without further adieu, here is your list:

I think it's going to be great!

Now a few notes before ya'll get started!!

*You may use any...I repeat, any type of image recording device!!  Whether you have a fancy shmancy camera or a old school film one....or something in between - it's all gooood!  My hubby plans on participate and only has an iPhone/Pod thingy to take pics with!  Remember, it's not the equipment that counts...but it's the person behind the lens that makes a great photo - which leads us to point two...

*This is a challenge - not to try to record exactly what the words above say but to push yourself as a photographer!  Let the creative juices flow and see how these words or ideas, inspire you to take amazing photographs!! 

*Have fun! That's key!! Don't stress, don't fret, just enjoy the ride and the chance to grow in your skill, passion and hobby!!

So other then that...I think we're about ready....except for 18-55mm lens decided it didn't want to auto focus anymore....nice eh?!  SO...after ogling wonderful, shiny, pretty, lovely, new and the price of a car, expensive cameras that I so wanted to buy...I found a second hand lens!  So I'm going on Wednesday to pick it up....just in time for day one!

Well...I think that's all for now - I'm beat - we had a jam packed day!  Up and at'em early, breakfast and then out the door to support our neighbours/friends at the local Terry Fox run.  It was crazy hot already for it being so early!  But we did a couple of kilometers around the track - well Dave, Joe, Alice and older gals - well they stayed with us for one round and then took off running!  They got in a whole extra lap then us...doing about 3k today!! I think I may have a couple of track stars on my hands!

And because that just wasn't enough for the day...apparently....we headed off to the apple orchard after lunch!  The ride was gorgeous!! The colours are AMAZING this year!! The trees are just magnificent....a bit distracting while driving! ;)  But we got to our destination and in the sweltering heat (it is September...right?!?)  we road the train to the trees, picked some delicious fruit, enjoyed the sights, tasted yummy apple cider donuts, and took a tired but happy crew home!
.'s about 8:00pm now...and like I said, I'm beat!  I've got my pajama's on, the kids are in bed and hubby just finished up the dishes!  So I think I will bid you all goodnight and tell you to start thinking of the month ahead.  I'm posting this on Facebook and going to tag a few of you to make sure you join in!  I have some talented friends there and I want to see what you can do! 

I'll try to get a link up thing on here too....but not sure how that will work for those that don't have blogs....maybe I could do a Facebook page for Homemaker Design and you could post your images there...??  I'll have to look into that! 

So yes, a few days to get ready....and for me to figure out the details...and oh yes, buy a lens!  That's kinda key....I really missed that 'friend' today! 

Okay, I'm excited, I hope you are too and here's to all the photo fun coming our way!!!


Sep 24, 2014

Feeling Fall

Ah, the crisp days, they are here....well, mostly! 

Oh Autumn, how I love thee!!  Who doesn't...really?? I don't like that it leads into Winter...certainly not a favourite season of mine....but still, Fall; it's fantastic!  I like the newness associated with this time of year....kinda like January and Spring...but with better weather!

The other evening, I was out, stalking about, with camera in hand, and was basking in the unreal beauty that was abundant around me!  The sun was close to setting - yes, that photography golden hour - and I hadn't really gotten out during this time of day in a while.  My favourite time of my favourite season!

It was breathtaking!

Our God.  His creativity.  His artistry!  It's surreal...unreal....oh, so very real!

I've been contemplating...for sometime do another photo challenge!  I so, SO enjoyed the one I did last year!! (see here) I had thought to do one in August...but with the baby being so 'new' and all, I just figured I wouldn't be able to keep up!  But now, this sweet little gal is sleeping and napping pretty I have been pondering the challenge again....

Fall is such a beautiful time of year and I really haven't been taking many photos...other then of the kiddos - but I learned so much and grew greatly as a photographer and in my creativity, in that first I will ponder some more and see.  I have a list ready for the month of October, so I'd love to hear what any of you think....and if any of you are interested in joining along with me?!?!

With yesterday being the first day of Autumn, I am getting into the spirit of the season.  I lit candles, enjoyed a cup of tea, made a roast pork supper and even pulled out my housecoat to combat the cool evening.  I am always in awe of the beauty this time of year brings...not to mention all the delicious food!  Hahaha!  But true!  Fall food is the best!!!

And well....this basically is a post to rattle on about the season and what I think of it....also, I have a good excuse to post some pretty pics depicting God's beauty and inspire you all to (maybe?!) join me for 31 days of photography fun!!!  Come on!!  It's good for you!

Well...time to call it a night...tomorrow I think my hubby is managing the kiddos so that I can get that is....I think I may just pull out my paints...these photos have me inspired!  Have a blessed week....and get those cameras ready!!!

Sep 14, 2014

When the Men are Away...

Remember my Muskoka trip last fall?  (you can read parts one, two and three - if you like)  Well this year, that Bible center was running it's first fall men's retreat and weren't my Bestie and I all over getting our men to go!

And of course, they happily agreed! 

So on Friday, our men folk loaded into our little car and headed off!  And yes, I was left alone for two nights and three days with all four kiddos. 

Dun, dun DUNNN!!!

No.  Actually we have had a pretty fantastic little weekend, just me and my four!  First, what has been a BIG help is that the baby is (mostly) napping in her crib! Yay!  She will usually do an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less - but it has made for an easy flow of other things.  Not to mention....which I'm pretty sure I have....but she's such a good baby!

And with Daddy gone and I having to divide my attention, I have been enjoying watching Joe play with Alice more. He's been good playing with her and me....sharing cars with both of us!!  He is liking her more and more and she just adores him...always keeping a curious and keen eye on him!

And my boy and I got some serious one on one time this weekend as well!  Daddy being gone and all, I got all the loving - and that boy doted some serious loving on me!  He's been such a Daddy's boy since the baby was born - which has been good - but lately he's returned for Mommy love and that's been wonderful! 

He's such a sweet little guy but He seriously doesn't stop moving!!  We had to take his crib for Alice and I worried that this busy boy would not stay in his 'big boy bed' - but he does...which is about the only time he is still - see, I captured the action...these are my attempts at getting one decent photo of him....

What a ham!!  But if he'll be still to sleep but not for photos... then I'll take that trade off, any day!

On Saturday, we were adventurous enough to head out to a birthday party.  What a hoot that was!! It was a Frozen themed party, complete with a guest appearance from Olaf! Ha!! The kids enjoyed it and I made some new parent friends - a new family from our daughters' school - lovely people and I look forward to getting to know them better!

The big gals were in school Friday but we got in some craft time this weekend too!  They made necklaces....from kits that we bought for them at Christmas! I'm so bad at actually getting these things out - I buy things for them and then never remember to use it with them!  But they were very proud of their designs and wore them to the party!

Sunday, well...I decided against the adventure of church...I know I could have done it - but with Joe and the baby...what would I really have gleaned from it we had rented a movie and the morning was we hunkered down in pj's, eating cinnamon buns and watching a girly fairy movie.....yes even Joseph watched it....sorta...

After the movie and lunch, I had both of the littlest Littles napping - so I pulled out a painting craft for my big gals to enjoy!  You may be surprised, seeing as I'm so crafty myself, but we don't paint much around here...I don't usual have the patience or energy but this weekend we did it all!  Plus my gals are getting older, so these things are more enjoyable...for everyone!

Right now, the kids are playing, the babe is napping and I'm about to get supper going.  Hubby should be home in a few hours - just after all the Littles are tucked into bed.  I'm sure he will have lots to say....he did already send a quick email and from what I gather, they made a new friend and that hubby didn't sleep well because of missing me and from the convicting message by the speaker...and that was just the first night!

It's been different not having my man here - this is the first time he has gone away - I've been away for a few nights (over our ten years!) - but it's not often we are apart!! I was a tad anxious on how it would go - I felt...rusty....having had him home for the past three and a half months and me just basically on baby duty and nothing else.  But I quickly found my groove and it feels good!

So the oven is preheated and the baby won't be napping much longer so I best get at it!  I eagerly await my hubby's return and I look forward to hearing what he learned this weekend....or do I???


Sep 9, 2014

Hey, Momma, it's okay. You're doing fine!

To all the momma's out there, young, old, seasoned or new. 
Momma's of one, two or twenty two.  A letter to each and everyone of you! ♥

Dear Momma,

It's okay, you know!  You're doing fine! didn't brush your kids' hair last night...this morning or for the whole's okay.  You got them dressed from the clothes in the dryer, yes they were clean, a tad wrinkled but your Littles are dressed - it's a good day!  You served them breakfast...cereal...where the colours are almost neon but you know they love it! They love how the milk is the colour of mud at the end but tastes like a candy store exploded in their bowl.

It's okay, you love them! You're doing fine!

Hey, Momma, it's's okay that your child has the best designer stroller, top of the line educational toys and post consumer recycled made sip cups, plates and bibs even!  You have their clothes cleaned, folded and the hangers labelled, it's a good day!  You serve your Little one fresh, close to home grown, food and they gobble up the organic pork sausages asking for a second helping of real maple syrup, which you politely decline.

It's okay, you love them! You're doing fine!

Well Momma, your Littles...they aren't so little now, are they?  Grown, married, some in school, some moved miles away.  Their clothes are no longer your no longer fight with them to put things away, you take a moment to tidy your now easy to clean laundry room, it looks...orderly, it's a good day!  You make your oatmeal, and while enjoying it, hot, you check your emails to hear the latest news of these grown up people and the new ones coming.  You sigh, in the quiet house, and take up your knitting needles.

It's okay, you love them! You're doing fine!

You see Mommas, all you mommas, it's how you love that counts.  How you love your Littles, how you love this role called motherhood, how you live it, that's all that matters! Whether you birthed your babes, or you opened your heart to house another's Little for a time or for forever - you are Momma!

This is a crazy role - motherhood!  It's no nine to five job, there is nothing else like it!  You never clock out, ever!  It changes day by day, moment by moment...and just when you think you've got it all packaged up and changes again!  You can't count on much, but you can count on those changes! 

And you can count on Him!  Our Almighty Father....the one who gave you the gift of being Momma!  He knew, when He chose you, that this little one needed what you offered....and you needed them!  And though, I'm sure, there are days where you think He must have been crazy to entrust you with the growth and nurturing of this wee one - He did, and you can rest in that!

Will you mess up Momma?  Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes!!  But and I say it again, just love them!  Love them how you know to!  Don't love them how the Momma at the play group does.  Don't love them how your sister does.  Don't love them like your husband does.  Don't even love them the way Grammy used to...even if she was the sweetest lady to ever live - love them the way you do!

Love them by teaching them about History, or Math, or Music!  Love them by building the biggest play structure you could imagine!  Love them by making homemade play-doh and then leaving them to play with it while you enjoy a, hot!, cup of coffee! Love them while you let them watch their favourite movie...for the third time in a row! Love them while you listen to their stories, as silly and non-sensical as they may be - soaking up every word!  Love them while you take a bath and let Daddy mind them!   Love them as you hang up their fifteenth piece of art work, that day!  Love them when they are sick and you wait on them hand and foot!  Love them when you buy all the licensed products because you can get enough of seeing their eyes light up when they see, "so and so!" Love them by colouring quietly.  Love them by making supper!  Love them by letting them 'get away with it' just once more! Love them....however you love them...but love them!

It doesn't....and it won't, look how it looks for anyone else!  God has given us many people in our lives to both inspire and learn from but He gave you, Momma, your little people and He knew what He was doing when He did it!  He knows that you are just the one to teach, guide and nurture this child of His.  He knows all the mistakes you will make but He knows how you do try! 

He also knows all the lessons these little people will teach you, Momma!  Oh the lessons!  Lessons in patience, empathy, in seeing the world anew again, patience, learning when to hold ones tongue, to play, to laugh, patience, to be silly, to take the seriousness of the fact that Teddy is hurt!, to imagine, to sing and dance, and of course, patience!

And all He wants from you, Momma, is to love these little people and honour Him while you do it!  To cast aside what the world, your culture, your well meaning 'friend', tells you - and love on these people! Love them in the way He leads you and they way you know how. 

So no matter if you are a baby wearing, a bottle feeder, a pay for chores, a let them take the family car, a cry-it-out, a homeschooling, a strict curfew, a movie marathoner, a nothing by take-out, a stay at home, a scheduling, a cartwheeling, a me-time finagling, a clothes shopping, a sport supporting, a van toting, Momma - you are, Momma!

And hey, Momma, it's okay.  You're doing fine!


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