Sep 27, 2014

Snap Happy!

Alright friends - you have spoken - on here and on Facebook - so it's PHOTO CHALLENGE TIME!

Here is the list you have all been waiting for...and aren't I just the it to you a few days in advance and all!?!? don't have to answer that!

So without further adieu, here is your list:

I think it's going to be great!

Now a few notes before ya'll get started!!

*You may use any...I repeat, any type of image recording device!!  Whether you have a fancy shmancy camera or a old school film one....or something in between - it's all gooood!  My hubby plans on participate and only has an iPhone/Pod thingy to take pics with!  Remember, it's not the equipment that counts...but it's the person behind the lens that makes a great photo - which leads us to point two...

*This is a challenge - not to try to record exactly what the words above say but to push yourself as a photographer!  Let the creative juices flow and see how these words or ideas, inspire you to take amazing photographs!! 

*Have fun! That's key!! Don't stress, don't fret, just enjoy the ride and the chance to grow in your skill, passion and hobby!!

So other then that...I think we're about ready....except for 18-55mm lens decided it didn't want to auto focus anymore....nice eh?!  SO...after ogling wonderful, shiny, pretty, lovely, new and the price of a car, expensive cameras that I so wanted to buy...I found a second hand lens!  So I'm going on Wednesday to pick it up....just in time for day one!

Well...I think that's all for now - I'm beat - we had a jam packed day!  Up and at'em early, breakfast and then out the door to support our neighbours/friends at the local Terry Fox run.  It was crazy hot already for it being so early!  But we did a couple of kilometers around the track - well Dave, Joe, Alice and older gals - well they stayed with us for one round and then took off running!  They got in a whole extra lap then us...doing about 3k today!! I think I may have a couple of track stars on my hands!

And because that just wasn't enough for the day...apparently....we headed off to the apple orchard after lunch!  The ride was gorgeous!! The colours are AMAZING this year!! The trees are just magnificent....a bit distracting while driving! ;)  But we got to our destination and in the sweltering heat (it is September...right?!?)  we road the train to the trees, picked some delicious fruit, enjoyed the sights, tasted yummy apple cider donuts, and took a tired but happy crew home!
.'s about 8:00pm now...and like I said, I'm beat!  I've got my pajama's on, the kids are in bed and hubby just finished up the dishes!  So I think I will bid you all goodnight and tell you to start thinking of the month ahead.  I'm posting this on Facebook and going to tag a few of you to make sure you join in!  I have some talented friends there and I want to see what you can do! 

I'll try to get a link up thing on here too....but not sure how that will work for those that don't have blogs....maybe I could do a Facebook page for Homemaker Design and you could post your images there...??  I'll have to look into that! 

So yes, a few days to get ready....and for me to figure out the details...and oh yes, buy a lens!  That's kinda key....I really missed that 'friend' today! 

Okay, I'm excited, I hope you are too and here's to all the photo fun coming our way!!!



  1. Yeah!!! and it's time to play!!

    Maybe if you put a link thingy up - one of the rules of this challenge would be to visit the "neighbor" beside you (in front and behind) to encourage them along the way. I know I'll need it... :) just a thought/suggestion. But, I like it... and if you don't want to - I'll do it anyway, I'm sure.

    Oh and these are some pretty fun prompts... and I love your fall photo fun of a day. I am yearning for a bag/basket of apples and for a jug of cider.. apple cider donuts, eh?? Yumm!!

    1. That's a great idea! I may just do that....assuming you aren't the only one linking up...cause I visit you and you visit me already! lol!! Not like there are lots of people reading on here - but still some good ol' fun! :D I like it - I'll make that a 'rule' - starting day one!

      The donuts were good - not amazing but tasty and the lady was very kind and gave us extra! hehehe! Get some apples so you can inspire me with what to make with mine!! :D

  2. This is fun, I'm going to try to participate, at least with some of the days!

  3. Hi, Kaitlin, stopping over from Bevy's blog to check out your site. I'd love to join your October photo challenge if it isn't too late.

    1. Hello Kathy! Thanks for stopping by!! :D I'd be more then happy for you to join in - it's really just for encouragement - so anyone can join in at any time!! Just don't forget to come back here and link up each day!!! :D

  4. Looking forward to this! :)


  5. can't believe how big your girls look here!

    1. I know eh?!?!? I tell them to stop growing all the time....they apparently are not listening! ;) :D


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