Sep 14, 2014

When the Men are Away...

Remember my Muskoka trip last fall?  (you can read parts one, two and three - if you like)  Well this year, that Bible center was running it's first fall men's retreat and weren't my Bestie and I all over getting our men to go!

And of course, they happily agreed! 

So on Friday, our men folk loaded into our little car and headed off!  And yes, I was left alone for two nights and three days with all four kiddos. 

Dun, dun DUNNN!!!

No.  Actually we have had a pretty fantastic little weekend, just me and my four!  First, what has been a BIG help is that the baby is (mostly) napping in her crib! Yay!  She will usually do an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less - but it has made for an easy flow of other things.  Not to mention....which I'm pretty sure I have....but she's such a good baby!

And with Daddy gone and I having to divide my attention, I have been enjoying watching Joe play with Alice more. He's been good playing with her and me....sharing cars with both of us!!  He is liking her more and more and she just adores him...always keeping a curious and keen eye on him!

And my boy and I got some serious one on one time this weekend as well!  Daddy being gone and all, I got all the loving - and that boy doted some serious loving on me!  He's been such a Daddy's boy since the baby was born - which has been good - but lately he's returned for Mommy love and that's been wonderful! 

He's such a sweet little guy but He seriously doesn't stop moving!!  We had to take his crib for Alice and I worried that this busy boy would not stay in his 'big boy bed' - but he does...which is about the only time he is still - see, I captured the action...these are my attempts at getting one decent photo of him....

What a ham!!  But if he'll be still to sleep but not for photos... then I'll take that trade off, any day!

On Saturday, we were adventurous enough to head out to a birthday party.  What a hoot that was!! It was a Frozen themed party, complete with a guest appearance from Olaf! Ha!! The kids enjoyed it and I made some new parent friends - a new family from our daughters' school - lovely people and I look forward to getting to know them better!

The big gals were in school Friday but we got in some craft time this weekend too!  They made necklaces....from kits that we bought for them at Christmas! I'm so bad at actually getting these things out - I buy things for them and then never remember to use it with them!  But they were very proud of their designs and wore them to the party!

Sunday, well...I decided against the adventure of church...I know I could have done it - but with Joe and the baby...what would I really have gleaned from it we had rented a movie and the morning was we hunkered down in pj's, eating cinnamon buns and watching a girly fairy movie.....yes even Joseph watched it....sorta...

After the movie and lunch, I had both of the littlest Littles napping - so I pulled out a painting craft for my big gals to enjoy!  You may be surprised, seeing as I'm so crafty myself, but we don't paint much around here...I don't usual have the patience or energy but this weekend we did it all!  Plus my gals are getting older, so these things are more enjoyable...for everyone!

Right now, the kids are playing, the babe is napping and I'm about to get supper going.  Hubby should be home in a few hours - just after all the Littles are tucked into bed.  I'm sure he will have lots to say....he did already send a quick email and from what I gather, they made a new friend and that hubby didn't sleep well because of missing me and from the convicting message by the speaker...and that was just the first night!

It's been different not having my man here - this is the first time he has gone away - I've been away for a few nights (over our ten years!) - but it's not often we are apart!! I was a tad anxious on how it would go - I felt...rusty....having had him home for the past three and a half months and me just basically on baby duty and nothing else.  But I quickly found my groove and it feels good!

So the oven is preheated and the baby won't be napping much longer so I best get at it!  I eagerly await my hubby's return and I look forward to hearing what he learned this weekend....or do I???


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  1. Sounds like a fun but busy weekend! That Joe is such a cutie. He melts my heart. The rest of your kiddos are pretty cute too.;) See you soon!


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