Oct 15, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 15 - A Mess

This, dear friends, is the space (there is actually a mesh basket there....you'll just have to trust me on that one!) between the driver and passenger seats of our mini van.

No matter what....our vehicles always end up in this type of mess!!  It's true....even before kids!  When we bought the van, I had such good intentions to keep it clean and organized...but that just doesn't seem to be the case! *sigh*

Wanna play eye-spy??

Here's what I found:

Half a pack of diapers
Box of Kleenex
My trusty water bottle
Two McDonald's cups
Empty box of coconut cookies
A leaf
Kim Walker's "Still Believe" CD (absolutely ADORE this one!!!)
Scrapper (for snow)
Baby toy
Random diapers....hopefully clean ones?!?
"Seed of Faith" CD (Amazing line of kids scripture CD's - very enjoyable and makes scripture memory easy! Love these!)
Two 'fortunes' from fortune cookies
Essential and well used, travel mug
And random garbage

Tomorrow - Day 16 - SOMETHING YOU WROTE



  1. What, no money? What fun is that! Amazing what a car will hold though. We once had a camera film box and a mitten that mysteriously disappeared and subsequently, a mouse that lived off the fries in the back seat for over three weeks before we found him.

  2. Yes!! Seeds of Faith. Like that...

    What a great idea... I never thought of taking a photo of our van!! OF COURSE --- isn't that (your vehicle) the worst for accumulating messes.. unchecked. I love Anita's mouse story... ;)


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