Oct 1, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 1 - Where You Stood

Okay! We are off! Day one of our October Photo Challenge!!

Here's where I stood today;

That's right - kicked off the challenge with a little retail therapy!   Actually it was here where I met the gentleman that sold me my new (to me) lens! 

I'm back in action and just in time!!

And here is the first pic, taken from where I stood today, testing out my new lens;

And since I had already blown my shopping budget on two new lamps...sadly I did not enter that joyful coffee 'house'....but instead enjoyed my home brought java....almost as good....almost!
So link up people!!  And if you would - be so kind, pop on over to the person who linked up before you and encourage them on!! 


What a start! This great shopping, sunshiny, road tripping, hanging with my bestie kind of day!! Looking forward to what you all have to share!!

 Tomorrow - Day 2 - LUNCHTIME



  1. Nice! I'll enjoy looking at your photos even though I won't be able to join this time around.

    1. That's too bad you can't join in Kendra!! :( I will miss your photos!! ♥

  2. Nice pics! I'd say you hit the bulls eye ;)


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