Oct 12, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 12 - On The Table

Yes, I realize this has photo has a similar feel to my lunchtime day shot (day 2) but apparently messy tables are a thing in our home!  And as I mentioned in my angle (day 8) photo - over head shots have fast become a favourite of mine over the last couple of years!!

Today, on the table, were my older gals, working away on various things.  I love their desire to create, explore and imagine!  We had a pajama day today, skipping out on church, due to colds in the house!  

So my gals were busy with work books and picture making...before hunkering down to watch a couple of movies.  I do enjoy these lazy days....too bad it's so sunny out...I almost feel guilty about being indoors!

Oh and on my kitchen table...speaking of sunny, is a bunch of these little beauties!

A favourite flower of mine!  I just love them and how sun shiny they are!!  A whole bouquet of suns, sitting on my table! Just glorious!

Tomorrow - Day 13 - LANDSCAPE

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