Oct 14, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 14 - Something You Made

My bed!



So...as I pondered today's word....and that pun came to mind....so did the story...the reason why I make my bed each day...okay, most days! 

It all started back in 2011.  Yes, I know the date even, that this all began....for you see, I had been reading, off and on for sometime then, a new blog that I had found.  I can't remember when exactly I first found this blog but I remember the post that made me first really connect with it.

It was a post on hospitality....more importantly, hospitality in our own home with our own family.  The writer talked about how she makes her bed everyday, including the children's beds (which I don't do...and probably never will!  But still...)  Anyways, she talked about how hospitality needs to be at home first.  To be something that we bestow on our family before it goes out to others and one way she did that was to make the bed each day.

She talked about how it is such a simple thing to do and that if nothing else gets done in the day, at least that did and then by days end you can crawl into a your sweet slumber place with ease.

And well...I think you should just go read the post - hey you can even see my comment there...from all those years ago: HERE

So who's blog does that link exactly take you to??  Why to my dear friend Bevy, over at Treasured Up and Pondered!

Haha!  I don't know if Bevy knows the impact that little post of hers has had on me.  That each (and truly, most) mornings I pull up the sheet, the duvet and quilt, fluff my feather pillow and toss on those tops ones...because I have a slight pillow addiction...that, in these moments I think of her!

I think of that post I read, a cold February morning all those years ago, and that the words and message I found there impact me to this day....everyday!  That this simple task can speak love and hospitality to those I share my life with.  That I can send a message that says, "I care and you matter to me." with a simple gesture.

So that, my friends, is the story behind the something I made....and I guess you could also say....I too, through all of this, have made a friend! ♥  Thank you Bevy for the encouragement, in my role as a homemaker and how that has impacted my heart all these years!

Tomorrow - Day 15 - A MESS



  1. OH MY WORD!! I'm so proud of you... and I don't know what else to say!!

    I think of this often, too... as I still make mine. The bed making thing for my kids... I still do theirs every now and then - as a favor! - but, honey they are on their own and making their beds as part of their morning routines...and doing "not too bad". Somedays I have to let it go because they really did do it.. not really necessarily to my specs. I still make the baby's...

    It's just RIGHT!!!!

    Kaitlin... I truly am so proud of you!! Great photo idea!! and truthfully, I almost shouldn't have posted my link up tonight...it's really not ...well, I guess it's fair enough.

  2. Cute story! And neat that Bevy's post from several years ago made such an impact on you!

    I make our bed most mornings too...although I'll have to admit it's more of a me-thing since Loris doesn't mind climbing into a messy bed at night...I'm not sure if he even notices if it's made or not, lol. Me on the other hand, I think it adds to the peaceful feel of going to bed at night if all the sheets and covers and pillows are nicely in order!

    1. Amen!! Steph. I agree... there is so much peace and comfort in a made bed. Such a sense of accomplishment - first thing!, too.

  3. Thanks for making the bed Kaitlin :) very nice post - really makes you think about the impact the "little" things can have on family life.


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