Oct 20, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 20 - 4 O'Clock

Ah 4'Oclock, that busy, chatty, organized chaosy, supper readying, family filled time of day!!  I really wanted to take a shot of the going ons in our house at this hour...but in the end I snapped a shot of the clock...the only thing that stands still, even if it's only for a minute, during that hour!

I had to laugh, as Bevy posted a similar image and post!  Her feelings differ slightly then mine but I imagine our households feel very much the same during this time of day.  Though most days, my hubby would be coming in the door with the older two gals - now, since he is on parental leave, either one of us is coming in or all of us - as he and I will often go pick the girls up from school together these days.

Wow - day 20 today people!! Only eleven days left!!  Hang in there, the time will fly by!

Tomorrow - Day 21 - CALM


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  1. That is hilarious!! Your post and mine - so similar.

    I surely hope I didn't or don't sound like I hate that hour... (well, I kinda do!) but you know what I mean. Because I do recognize the days when it isn't really all that bad. And, well... this afternoon ... it really wasn't all that bad! Scott was coming home - from his 3-days away. Kinda was looking forward to that...

    Somebody was probably praying for me!! I can always feel people prayers... seriously.


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