Oct 25, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 25 - Shadow

The above photo I captured at the day's end.  It had been one of those looong dreary days.  Over cast, grey, rain...with the occasional peek of sunshine to get your hopes up...but then before you knew it, the sun was gone again!  I thought, "Today's going to be a rough go for 'shadow'."  But just as we sat down to supper the sun came out in all it's glory!!
So, once supper was finished, I grabbed my ol' pal and we headed out to see what we could see!  And so I snagged that photo of me and my 'pal'.
But I do have another photo for you - one I took, in one of my favourite places - back to the bathroom I went.  Because, as I said, it was a long, grey day, so what better way to spend a while but soaking in my tub!  And here in the bathroom is a shadow I often admire and think quite neat...


This shadow is cast by the funky 'chandelier' I have hanging over the tub.  It's a light that we brought with us from our last house.  It used to hang in the kitchen there but it quickly found a home in the bathroom here.  And so you can see it and see just how fantastic this shadow really is, here's another photo;

I don't know if that first picture lets you see that the shadow cast fills the whole wall - but you can certainly see that there!  (and take no note of the missing bulb shadow...)  I think one of these days I'm going to do something fun with that light fixture...but for now, it's an old friend that lights my relax time and cast these crazy, fun shadows!

I had taken the second photo first - because I thought the sun was a goner for the day and I had a hard time picking which one I liked best....so it was decided but I find both pictures quite interesting...if I do say so myself! HA! ;)  So you can let me know what you think! Either way...I thought today wasn't going to be nearly as fun as it turned out to be...shadows, who knew?!?

Tomorrow - Day 26 - LISTENING TO



  1. Yes! who knew - shadows could be so fun!!

    I'm glad you got to find a couple today - to make this one work for you. I love that very first photo of you and your pal! :) Have either you or your kids played Shadow Tag? It's a real game (usually, for kids) played outdoors...

    1. Yes, I have played it - a long time ago! I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it here! I'm not sure if the girls know it, I'll have to ask them.


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