Oct 31, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 31 - Whatever You Please

After a big day out, fun with cousins, lack of a nap, and a drive in the van, my boy was beat and fell fast asleep!


And after 31 days of photo challenge adventuring - I feel pretty much the same way!!  I'm beat!! 

This was fun but I found this challenge less inspiring then my first photo challenge, last year.  I found this one harder to be artistic with the word prompts and not just capture a documentation of the word for the day.  The last challenge I found to be more technical, which was great, but also because of that it seemed to lend it's self easier for creative images.

At least, that's my take away from this year's challenge.

Over all, I thought it was still a good exercise to expand my skills as a photographer, both technically and artistically.  I also like how these challenges cause me to open my eyes more, to take the time to notice things that I might other wise pass by if I wasn't really looking. 

I don't mean that one should 'live behind the lens', for life is more then the captured moments but it's good to slow down, now and again, and really just; see!

Congratulations and well done to everyone who participated - whether you did all, some or just a few I hope you learned a little something....and if nothing else, had a bit of fun!! .


  1. I agree with you that I'm beat. But it was fun and did make me think and see things a little differently. Thanks for inviting me to participate. On to November!

  2. I tried to link my last two entries, but I was too late. Feel free to stop by and see my Halloween pictures.

  3. I really did enjoy doing this... it was neat how it all tied in with my own HOME theme, going on. Thanks for understanding though, that I'm really slowing down for a bit.

    Thanks again for getting it going and leading out on it. You're amazing!


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