Oct 4, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 4 - What You Read

Saturday morning.  A leisurely coffee, breakfast made by my hubby, kiddlets up and energetic and the flyers spread across the table!! 

Yes, that is what I read, every Saturday....my 'window' shopping of sorts! 

My five year old came up to me this morning and asked, "Mom, why do you read those?"  I answered, "Oh, to see what's going on in the community, what houses are new or sold, to look at the sales and to gather the grocery flyers to price match."

She thought playing Lego sounded more fun!

A simple 'ritual', that I look forward to each weekend!  Especially with a hot cup of coffee!

Tomorrow - Day 5 - PEOPLE



  1. Knock, Knock!! Any good houses for SALE??

    Great photo!!!

  2. This fellow avid flyer reader understands :)

  3. For us it is Thursdays. The flyers come just before lunch and Robert and I fight over who gets them first. We all have our favorite flyers. Mine is Canadian Tire. I also like Walmart. Patrick likes TSC and Rob likes Future Shop and Staples. Then we read the EMC and Brockville this week together or at least I read it and share the interesting bits. When the flyers come, school breaks for the morning.


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