Oct 5, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 5 - People

So today was FULL of people.  First there was church, where many a friendly face greeted me!  Then I was in the nursery to feed my littlest Little and got to hang out with some lovely ladies and some cutie-pie babies!  Then there was a picnic fellowship lunch afterwards, full of my brothers and sisters in Christ!  And I was sooo good; I had packed my camera away in my purse, the night before, so that I would have it on hand for this people packed day!!

But did I remember, even once, to pull it out?


I completely forgot about this challenge until we were packing up our lunch supplies and heading out the door!

But that did not stop me....because our final destination of the day....the grocery store....Sunday afternoon....a week before Thanksgiving.....oh did I get a picture of people - YOU BET!

There were many people...many, many people to be found there!  Busy, people!! 

I don't know if you know this about me but I love to people watch...it's a problem....and I enjoy my grocery visits because the days of leisure coffee shop stays and hours to whittle away, watching folks come and go, are gone (four Littles will do that to you!) and so here, while doing my weekly shopping, is where I get to do most of my people watching!!

But then there are some pretty special people I get to watch and love on, each and every day!  Like my handsome little man!  Who specially picked (off of the ground) a pear for me from one of our pear trees!  He insisted it was mine....after he played ball with it for a while!

There are my little ladies.  These two people are getting so big and growing into very independent and self assured individuals.   I get such kicks out of them lately, their humour, their creativity and just watching them discover the world around them - piecing it all together...in their own unique ways!

And then there is the littlest Little in our house!  This little person - she's still such a doll!  All sweetness and love....but there is a temper in there...a fiery spark...that tells me that this little gal is not going to let these other little people of ours tell her who's boss! 


And my favourite people - my hubby Dave!  And I love how he loves all four of these precious people we have!  He's so good with them....like sitting in the van...for probably close to an hour with them, while I circumvented the crowds (seen in that first pic) to get our Thanksgiving groceries - just so the baby could sleep and keep the older kids out of the rain!  He's good people!!


Yes, I feel pretty blessed to have these special people in my life!! 

And so yes, I really do enjoy people watching...all people...anytime...anywhere....but watching these people is my favourite!! 

Tomorrow - Day 6 - I'M THANKFUL FOR...



  1. What a great people post!! I love that first shot. Now... tell me. Doesn't it take "nerve" to do a shot like that? I took my photo in church, while the service was going on... granted we were out in the hallway. But I was looking side-to-side to be sure that no one saw me... Nerves, I guess! of getting caught doing something so out of character/the norm ... during a Church Service.

    (( I need prayer!))


    The rest of your peoples... great photos and great thoughts. Can't wait to meet them!!

    Hey!! Scott submitted that final paper tonight... we have a couple of nail-biting days ahead... until results. Pray again... thanks!

    1. Umm...not sure if it's nerve...or just crazy...or maybe we'll call it passion....but picture this, I'm up on a balcony to get that shot and dressed in my bright teal trench coat - oh and there were people up there with me...but whatever! I got the shot! ;) I TOTALLY wanted to do the people in church during worship...but forgot! I MIGHT have felt a bit more awkward then....but meh! ;)

      I can't wait for you to meet all my peeps too!! And I yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh, we'll be praying!! ♥

  2. I love all your people, well...not necessarily the ones in the grocery store since I don't see anyone I know, but I love you and the rest of your people. Great photos. Love Joe's expressions.


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